Dear AdPulp Readers Who Work In PR,

Just how typical are guys like Mark Penn in your industry? ‘Cause the controversy du jour today is this story in the LA Times about Penn’s role in the Clinton campaign: As the campaign faces a make-or-break moment, some high-level officials are trying to play down their role in the campaign. Penn said in an […]

Made In Massachusetts

Cons are 100 this year. Gary Koepke, the cofounder and executive creative director of Boston-based ad agency Modernista! says, “They’ve always been around in my life. They’re a fixture, like family . . . it’s like an archetype now – like a cross or an old Coca-Cola label.” [via The Boston Globe]

Vote Esrati Tomorrow

Good luck to our friend David Esrati, running for Congress in Ohio’s 3rd district (Dayton & surrounding areas). Seeing as how his major opponent is giving out literature from 2004 with a new date penciled in, it’s clearly time for someone with fresh thinking.

What A Waste

According to World Advertising Research Center, marketers worldwide believe that 65% of their marketing spend had no discernible effect on consumers in 2007. Asi Sharabi of No Man’s Blog believes “marketers are trapped in a vicious negative feedback of ineffective campaigns and ineffective measurements.” What’s your read? Would improved measurement allow you to get more […]

Watching The River Flow

According to The Washington Post, is one of the top 10 e-commerce sites for sales, bringing in more than $5.2 billion in 2007. Not bad for a firm whose CEO, Bill Marriott, does not use a PC.

Ad Blogs Get An Examination From The NYT

In the wake of Paul Tilley’s suicide, advertising industry blogs are getting a closer look, including some quotes from George Parker. From today’s New York Times: After Mr. Tilley’s death was reported, the comments beneath the AgencySpy blog posting turned sharply to recriminations from people identifying themselves as friends, colleagues or relatives of the DDB […]

Why Agencies Need To Become Content Creators

PR man and Ad Age columnist, Steve Rubel, envisions a world where agencies are disintermediated by media companies. Today nearly every media company (91%) offers some kind of “agency-like” services. This includes former untouchables like idea generation (88%) and creative development (79%). The image of media companies as lumbering dinosaurs lingering toward extinction in a […]

Caption It #24

[via coolz0r]

Designing for Distributed Content

Avenue A | Razorfish suggests we “treat every page like a home page.” Every page is now a home page, each of which will have a wider reach, a lasting shelf life, and the ability to attract a new audience like never before. To capitalize on this, ensure that every page has a strong, clear […]

The Definery

Diego Rodriguez, a partner at IDEO, endeavored to define marketing recently. He came up with a short version: Identifying desirable experiences, then delivering them. And a longer one from Harvard Business School: Marketers concern themselves with acquiring and retaining customers, who are the lifeblood of an organization. They attract customers by learning about potential needs, […]