Bravely Forging New Paths Into Media Universes Unknown

“For the first time in its history, advertising must earn its own audience to make an impact.” -The Escape Pod In order to draw me to their website and interest me in their story, The Escape Pod did not send a lame press release. They FedExed a framed poster of this self-promo ad instead (on […]

Sacrilege Pays Off Big for Absolut

Since abandoning their legendary bottle campaign for their new Absolut World campaign, Absolut has seen global case shipments jump 9%, and increased market share in the crowded and competitive U.S. market. According to Ad Age, Absolut is the No. 2 U.S. vodka brand, trailing only Smirnoff. Absolut broke the 5 million case mark last year […]

AKQA’s Mobile Capabilities Bring Business And Accolades

AKQA is getting some nice press. Fast Company recently named them 48th most innovative firm in the world. Now, Adweek is putting the Digital Agency of the Year crown on their head. Let’s look a bit closer at some of what AKQA is doing right. While AKQA undeniably excels at Web projects, it also has […]

It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

The New York Times looks at the importance of storytelling in the workplace. Of all the repetitive, mind-numbing jobs in the late 19th century, cigar-rolling was special. Unlike sewing clothes, mining coal or forging steel, it was blessedly quiet. And thus cigar workers, whether in Chicago or Havana, were the first ones in their time […]

Local Business News On the Ropes

According to Ad Age, stand alone Business sections in daily newspapers are dropping like flies. Which sucks, because that’s my favorite section of any newspaper. The Denver Post — which folded its business section into other sections on every day but Sunday — this month became at least the eighth daily to cut its stand-alone […]

Geekdom’s Roving Reporter @ NewTeeVee Live

This conference happened last November, but I’m just catching Irina Slutsky’s video coverage now. It’s good stuff.

CEO in the Spotlight: Gina Bianchini

Gina Bianchini is an appealing spokesperson for social networking. The Stanford MBA and former financial analyst at Goldman, Sachs is now working with Netscape founder Marc Andreessen on Ning, a service provider that enables one to build soc nets around any interest. So far, 170,000 people or groups have chosen to do so. Here’s the […]

Shoes of Merit Only

Bad Banana went leafing through a 1923 yearbook from UC Berkeley, thanks to the digital offerings of Learning to Share. I’m glad he did, because it’s startling (and instructive) to see just how different the world was 85 years ago. It’s not just media that’s changed, but culture itself. Can you imagine a Berkeley man […]

Axelrod Is On Message

AKP&D Message and Media is one of the most influential “brand strategy” firms in Chicago, and the nation. One of the firm’s partners, David Axelrod– described as Obama’s answer to Karl Rove and the most powerful political consultant not on a coast–heads up Obama’s campaign for President. According to the LA Times: The burly 52-year-old […]

The Opposite of Chill Time

South Carolina gets most of its visitors in the summer months. The South Carolina tourism office with the help of Greenville shop, The Bounce Agency wants to change that with a new campaign that specifically targets Chicagoans. The Palmetto State’s “Time to Thaw” messaging doesn’t do much for David Gianatasio at Adfreak though. The effort […]