Pretzel Logic

The New York Times is running an article that says advertisers are sticking with their network broadcast commitments despite the lack of new television programming, because there isn’t a better alternative at the moment. In a column on Wednesday, Wayne Friedman, the West Coast editor of MediaPost, noted that broadcast television continues to deliver a […]

See My South Savannah Tweets

I’m using Twitter today (when it’s up) for note-sharing on the panels I’m attending at BlogSavannah Unconference 2008. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about unconferences: An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants (generally day-by-day during the course of the event) rather than by […]

Pepsi To Tell Deaf Joke During Super Bowl

It’s time to start talking about Super Bowl commercials again. I’m pleased to start that process this year with PepsiCo. Their new production, “Bob’s House,” will air during the big game. It’s a spot where many, especially at a loud party, may think someone hit the Mute button. But they would be wrong.

Mollá Originals

Men’s Vogue paid a visit to Miami, which is home to scorching hot Hispanic marketing agency, La Comunidad. It’s the kind of office where flip-flop-wearing employees kiss on both cheeks when they arrive on Monday morning. It’s the kind of office where business meetings are held by the pool and where the company chef lures […]

Quick, Find The Proofreader

Ad Age readers were quick to spot the typo in the next-to-last line of Fallon’s new ad for Look, typos happen. Very often, the fast nature of advertising, particularly online, leads to slips like this. No one’s perfect, least of all me. But when you’re sending out copies of a new ad for PR […]

LA Times sent a reporter to DomainFest, the annual get together of domain name speculators, brokers and developers. Two of the biggest practitioners, and Demand Media Inc., are based in the Los Angeles area and have collectively received more than $450 million in venture capital investment to fuel domain name buying sprees. The bidding […] Steps Up

Media Shift’s Mark Glaser spoke to BusinessWeek executive editor, John Byrne, about sweeping usability changes to the venerable magazine’s website. In response to a question about upping participation from the user base, or community, Byrne says: We have had a very rigourous, very lively reader involvement on the site for a long time. In any […]

Free Idea for Ted Turner

Have you had a chance to dine on bison at Ted’s Montana Grill? I was in Omaha earlier this month, where I had the Kansas City Strip prepared medium. What an outstanding dish. I liked the bison steak so much, in fact, I want to buy some of Ted’s National Bison Association-certified meats for preparation […]

Did You Bring Your Moral Compass To Work Today?

In his latest blog post, Steffan Postaer examines some weighty issues (while promoting his fiction). In my novel, The Happy Soul Industry, God and the Devil engage one another in a modern fable about advertising, good and evil. Needless to say, the topic interests me deeply. Selling cigarettes, liquor and gambling has been called “dark […]

Productivity Central

Ad Age named Boston’s Hill Holliday, “Comeback Agency of the Year.” Which led Agency Spy to dig up this year-old video celebrating HHCC’s 38th anniversary.