B.T.W. Buy It Here Now for $39.95

Are “real” journalist’s capable of writing moving ad copy? I say, yes. And Virginia Heffernan of The New York Times is my proof. Let’s watch her role with this lurid product description… Our redeemer is Scrivener, the independently produced word-processing program of the aspiring novelist Keith Blount, a Londoner who taught himself code and graphic […]

It’s Not What You’re Looking For, But What You Find

Jason Calacanis has some ideas for Twitter monetization. Namely, in feed advertising, SMS advertising and subscriptions. But that’s not the interesting part of his post. This is: Ev shouldn’t worry about a business model for another two years. Just build the service to *massive* critical mass. Get to 100M users–which is where the service is […]

Consumers Want Digital Utility, Not Advertising

More than two-thirds of consumers who use the internet have used it to research package-goods products, according to a new survey by Prospectiv, a firm that provides online customer leads for marketers. Of the consumers who use the internet to research package-goods brands (48%) do so primarily to get product information. Another 46% use the […]

The Content Is The Commercial

The New York Times looks at American Eagle Outfitter’s journey into branded entertainment. Last summer, on its Web site, ae.com, American Eagle introduced a dedicated media channel called 77e, which plays music and videos. The idea was to make visitors intrigued enough by what they saw to entice them to click further and buy clothes. […]

There’s Little Value In An Obtuse Headline

Karpian Wisdom Floweth

Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 has some great advice, as always, for those working to understand the new advertising culturescape. Google turned search advertising into the most profitable media business on the web by following the basic principle that advertising must create value for consumers. Search advertising is so powerful because the ads are relevant […]

New Year For Another Lame Facebook Story

It seems the bone of contention over Facebook’s Beacon application was but the tip of the iceberg. Now Wired is exploring the company’s “Social Ad” platform and raising more questions about consent and privacy. Have you used Facebook to give a shout-out to businesses you like? Best make sure your profile picture catches your best […]

Happy New Year George

The context for this contextual advertising dust up, or why this is here. Hat tip to High Jive.

All Work and Hopefully Some Play

I’m in Boulder today, so I thought I’d take a drive out Diagonal Highway toward Longmont to see where Crispin Porter & Bogusky has set up shop in a nondescript office park. And look, there are a bunch of cars in the parking lot. On New Year’s Day. Which leads me to believe it takes […]