Ford Pulls Up To Red Morning Light

Kings of Leon have coughed up their song “Red Morning Light” to Ford Motor Company, which is using it to sell the Ford Focus–a car I can’t see the Tennessee rockers driving.

VCs Wrestle for Control of CNET

According to The Wall Street Journal, Jana Partners LLC, which holds an 8.1% stake in CNET Networks Inc. plans to nominate seven people to the San Francisco company’s board, saying there is a need to revitalize the “underperforming company.” In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jana said its nominees — including a […]

More Ad Dollars Please

AdvertiseSpace presents seven reasons for running paid advertising on blogs. Good bang for your buck Easy to get started Blog readers are power internet users It elevates your products status Blogs tend to be read by other bloggers Bloggers are early adopters Bloggers are very influential Which leads me to this line of asshattery…AdPulp is […]

Refresher Course

“This is a business that is changing like crazy, but Sullivan’s advice is timeless.” –Mike Hughes, President, Creative Director, The Martin Agency This updated third edition of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan presents a real-world look inside the big agencies and examines the industry’s best and worst work – from the hilarious to […]

Popularity Pays

Edward Wasserman, professor of journalism ethics at Washington and Lee University, argues in the Miami Herald that journalism ought not be subject to the brutal trappings of online metrics. Under the new rules, the commercial value of specific editorial offerings is estimated with precision, rewards and punishments doled out accordingly, and coverage cut to fit. […]

Soc Nets Ahead. Wear Hard Hat.

Jonah Bloom of Ad Age sees falling debris on the MyFaceSpace horizon. Facebook and MySpace will have the longest lines of advertisers looking to get into their clubs in 2008. Of course, as those advertisers pay their admission fees and filter in, there’ll be more Beacon-backlash-type tales and plenty of grumbling from the natives. Gated […]

Niche Doesn’t Mean Small

According to The Wall Street Journal, Liberty Media is paying more than $100 million to buy a stake of from the site’s founding family and a private-equity firm. Once known primarily as an investor in media companies, Liberty has taken steps in recent years to become more of an operator of its own businesses. […]

Postaer Airs It Out

Steffan Postaer has taken to writing about his agency, Euro RSCG/Chicago, and other topics, on his new blog, Gods of Advertising. The blog’s subhead is “We make you want what you don’t need.” One of Postaer’s first posts, “The True Meaning of Integration” paints a pretty rosy picture (but hey, cheerleading is part of the […]

Tilework…Talk About A Long Range Media Buy

13th & Jackson in Omaha’s Old Market

A 2008 Come On