Wieden Ain’t Small (A 10-Person Design Firm Is Small)

The Wall Street Journal has a strange way of seeing things sometimes. The biggest independent on the scene, with billions in annual billings, is still small change to the WSJ.

Presidential Politics Is Just Marketing With Tackier Buttons

Thought I’d give loyal AdPulp readers a preview of an upcoming TalentZoo column while it’s all fresh in my mind. Lord knows, this could all change in a week. In a Presidential campaign, politics is theater. It’s entertainment. And above all else, it’s marketing. Can the ad industry learn anything by watching this $1 billion […]

So Social

I like what Marshall Kirkpatrick has to say about launching a social network in today’s media environment. Social networks have caught on for a reason – they offer functionality that’s very useful for a lot of people in many different communities of interest. That said, everyone is wary of copy-cat, roach-motel, me-too social networks. Why […]

Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District Needs David Esrati

Go David, go. David is the owner of The Next Wave in Dayton. Find out more at his campaign site Esrati.com.

Scarcity Is for Losers

Ian Rogers, VP Video and Media Applications at Yahoo, spoke at the Creative Artists Agency conference in Aspen recently. Here’s a small portion of what he said: There is more opportunity in leveraging the scale of the Web than trying to create scarcity. We’ve all been engaged in many attempts at creating scarcity in digital […]

Longing To Be Elsewhere

Ernie Schenck, executive vice president and creative director at Hill Holliday, explores the tendency in creative people to occupy their minds with thoughts about how much better things are “over the hill and through the trees.” We are terrible longers, we ad people. No matter where we are, we long to be somewhere else. Goodby. […]

Go West, Young Ad People

Here’s the scoop on the new building Ogilvy NY will occupy beginning next year, on the West Side. The building at 636 Eleventh Avenue was built in 1913 and originally housed the Auerbach Chocolate factory. Ogilvy is calling its new space the “Candy Factory.” It has high ceilings on the first floor, a courtyard and […]

Merging With the Infinite

David Armano is VP, Experience Design for Critical Mass and he has a new theory. He believes we will move from multiple connected touchpoints to infinite touch points. I am fairly certain that we are moving toward a time where the way we interact with brands and their products and services will seem infinite. Maybe, […]

New Age Philosophy Tapped for New Bank Campaign

“Chase What Matters” are words I might respond to in the right setting. Like at a family dinner. Or at a meeting with my guru. But “Chase What Matters as long as it leads to more money flowing through the bank” is what this says. [via The New York Times]

Finding Inspiration In a 70s TV Icon

According to Creativity, Fred G. Sanford’s old pal Grady is a comedic and creative inspiration of sorts at the New York office of TBWA/Chiat/Day, thanks to Gerry Graf’s appreciation of the sitcom.