You Can Have Your Truck And Your Conscience Too

Chevy bought a full page in today’s New York Times and created a microsite at, in an effort to “educate” the car buying public about GM’s commitment to green practices. The ad and microsite both feature a letter from Beth Lowery, GM’s VP for Environment, Energy and Safety Policy. She says the right things, […]

Seeing The Value In Shared Mobile Notes

Evelyn Rodriguez is on her way to New Orleans. She’s using Twitter to keep her friends and followers informed about her journey across the American southwest. This seems like a particularly good use of Twitter to me. Even in its condensed form, it’s a travel journal. Not Kerouac–he could never have been bothered with such […]

A 15-Year Old Single Malt Learns To Mingle

Today in Sunday Styles, readers encounter one Charlotte Voisey, a “brand ambassador” at William Grant & Sons, Glenfiddich’s parent company. Turns out, she is responsible for creating a Scotch-laden libation known as “Sweet Solera.” A mixture of Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old Solera Reserve, Lillet Rouge, and a winsome dash of caramel syrup, and bespangled with a maraschino […]

“Charticles” Are Out Of Bounds

Choire Sicha and two other Gawker editors walked out on Nick Denton late last year. They’d had enough, but enough of what? The New York Times had to find out. …During a vacation at a house on Fire Island in November, Mr. Sicha decided he’d had enough. He said he resented Mr. Denton’s pressure to […]

Coaches Are Thumbs Up On Texting

The New York Times has an interesting look at the use of text messaging in the college athletics recruiting environment. Desperate to connect with the best players, college coaches have adopted text messaging with zeal, and some athletes have had enough. Beginning in August 2007, the N.C.A.A. banned Division I colleges from using text messaging […]

No Fancy Coffee For Ford Truck Drivers

[via Cubemate]

Site Not Making It? Widgetize!

According to Ad Age, the CondeNet division of Conde Nast has decided to turn its business model on its head — and cut headcount from 18 to two in the process. CondeNet yesterday said its focus for Flip, a 10-month-old virtual scrapbook site for teen girls, would shift to ad-supported Flip applications that run […]

Media Neutrality Comes To The Corner Office

Scamp posted about Jon Williams, a digital creative taking the helm as ECD at Grey/London. He chose an unusual title for the post: It’s No Longer Safe In The Water. The post has generated some interesting commentary, pitting old school TV addicts against the new school. Here’s how it starts… At 12:18 PM, rjhayter said… […]

Tell Trumpet Your Problems

Agency Spy took note of an original idea from Trumpet in New Orleans. Instead of responding to yet another boring Request for Proposal, Trumpet has issued it’s own RFP, but with a twist. Trumpet’s RFP stands for Request for Problem. Their hope is that potential clients will submit their marketing problems via this web-based channel. […]

AdPulpian Mind Meld

I’ve invited three more highly accomplished marketing pros, writers and big thinkers to join the action here. I’m flattered and thrilled that they’ve all agreed to participate. Please join me in welcoming real journalist Catharine P. Taylor, author, speaker and consultant Tom Asacker and author, speaker and innovation consultant Annette Moser-Wellman to the party. Look […]