Old Spice Looks For An Edge

Old school packaged goods company P&G is looking for a fresh approach and there are few better places to find it than in Northwest Portland. The New York Times interviewed the Wieden + Kennedy creative team behind the new Old Spice camapign. “Previous generations loved Old Spice and had a more emotional attachment to it,” […]

Hogshead’s Career On Roam

I swing by Sally Hogshead’s blog on occasion. She doesn’t post much, but when she does she lets it fly. Since May, I’ve been letting my career rove to and fro. Consciously, I chose to make no plans or goals, do no outreach or inquiry, and instead, simply respond to the clients and opportunities that […]

The People Win. Again.

First, Time made ‘You’ its “Person Of The Year.” Now, Ad Age has named ‘The Consumer’ Agency Of The Year. From the lead article: From an agency perspective, there are exactly three ways to look at the rise of consumer control. The first view is like something out of the Book of Revelation — all […]

Vloggin’ O Seven

Tom Asacker’s GuruBBQ is gaining traction. In his latest vlog episode, he makes 7 predictions for 2007. They are: A big slowdown in the growth of blogging Plaid is the new black A new medical conditions known as Wii. D.D. will arise TVs, computers, cell phones, cameras, radios, MP3 players, and vibrators will all converge […]

Did Hal Riney Kill The Electric Car?

So I’m sitting here watching Who Killed The Electric Car?, a documentary about GM’s EV1 electric car, which was produced in the late 90’s. About 18 minutes into the movie comes a discussion of the TV ads (one shown above) and print work done by Hal Riney. One of the former EV1 marketing executives interviewed […]

Disney Shuts Down Blog

A blogger named Spocko is making the headlines today. Spocko posted audio clips of inflammatory racist comments made by DJ’s on a Disney-owned radio station (KSFO in San Fran). Recently, Disney’s lawyers forced Spocko’s ISP to shut the blog down. Spocko retailiated by alerting KSFO advertisers that they’ve been sponsoring what many people would call […]

“Amateur Spot” To Air In 2.4 Million Dollar Slot

Dorito’s Crash The Superbowl promotion is one of a growing number of Consumer Generated Content campaigns currently underway. Kristin Dehnert, the consumer who generated the content above says, “I’m a Location Manager and Scout for commercials as my paid day job but my true passion is writing and directing. My dream is to make directing […]

Y&R Sweeping Out Corner Offices

AdAge reports on some changes in the upper echelons of Y&R. Y&R’s new CEO, Hamish McLennan, started 2007 with a bold move: announcing the departure of Michael Patti, vice chairman and worldwide creative director. In a terse, four-sentence press release, the agency announced today Mr. Patti left effective Dec. 31. According to industry rumor, the […]

First Came Web 2.0. Now Come The Web 2.0 Dot Bombs

While social networking in all its forms has bred a lot of new websites, and media hype to go with it, the beginnings of a shakeout seem to be in order. On Wednesday, Seattle-based Jobster announced it was laying off 60 people — 40% of its staff. Jobster is a job board/career networking site (think […]

Men Are Men Again

Scotsman.com says the Metrosexual trend is fading away while a new more manly trend is emerging. In recent years many men have ditched their expensive power tools for even more expensive moisturiser, and some blokes are more likely to rhapsodise over organic fettuccini drizzled with Tuscan olive oil, than the latest souped-up rally car leaking […]