John Winsor on “The Hook”

Webmaster Radio   Publishing Writing and Advertising Director of Cultural Radar for Crispin Porter and Bogusky John Winsor discusses his background in publishing and writing books to joining the advertising firm Show Host: Katie Kempner Show:  The Hook Channel:  Advertising   Find out more about John Winsor.

Rich Silverstein Is Tired Of All The Bushit

Legendary San Francisco ad man, Rich Silverstein, has teamed with Huffington Post to offer poster-sized reminders of the times we’re living through. The 24″ x 36″ lithograph posters come in three versions: Villains of the GOP, Worst Events of the Bush Years, and Slogans of the Bush Years. They go for $20 each — or […]

Non-Smokers Want Some Breathing Room

Tiny Gigantic points to a motherload of executions from Japan’s “smoking manners” campaign. Here’s one that speaks to me:

Crispin Gets All “Last of the Mohicans” On Runners’ Asses

Eyebrows were raised earlier this year when Nike awarded a piece of its business to CP+B. After all, Nike’s top of mind presence can be traced directly to the decades of outstanding work from Wieden + Kennedy. I guess, loyalty doesn’t mean much when you have shoes to sell. According to The Wall Street Journal, […]

Testing The Merits of Pretesting

Every month, Steve McKee of McKee Wallwork Cleveland writes a column in Businessweek that puts in simple terms what real CEOs and marketing folks ought to know about advertising. This month, he takes on testing: Think about how a focus group works—people are invited in, fed a meal, and paid an incentive to offer insights […]

Santa Chat Goes South In A Hurry

According to Network World, technology is only as perfect as those who build it. Case in point: Microsoft recently added a Santa bot to Windows Live Messenger, so users could insert Santa into their IM buddy list. But sadly, Santa began to waver off topic telling children: “It’s fun to talk about oral sex, but […]

Drinking The Virtual Kool-Aid/Coca-Cola

Second Life? What’s that? Coca-Cola is going another way with their new virtual world called “Metro CC.” According to The New York Times, Coke is introducing its online island within a larger virtual world site called that tries to filter out unsavory content. The company that operates, Makena Technologies, uses software to censor […]

Media Makers Needed

According to Adweek, Hill Holliday is stepping up to the advertainment plate by creating a new position for John Dukakis. The former governor’s son will be svp, director of branded entertainment for the Boston-based shop. Baba Shetty, evp, chief media officer at Hill, Holliday, said: “These days we’re not just buying media—we’re often creating media, […]


Ed Cotton of Butler Shine & Stern is asking some pertinent questions. Can people stand watching a campaign evolve over time or do you have to have a quick hit? Surely, the ever- shrinking window of personal communication must be having an impact of broad scale communication? Can we even be bothered to see phases […]

Can Interactive Shops Step Up?

It’s been my experience when talking to interactive shops and looking at their work that they’re more focused on executing ideas rather than brand-building strategies and initiatives that can be used across all media. They’re good at what they do, but it’s a niche, and they’re not scrambling to hire the right people to change […]