LinkedIn Gets With The Program

According to The New York Times, business-minded soc net, LinkedIn, is unveiling several new improvements to its site. LinkedIn will encourage developers to use its APIs (application programming interfaces) to build widgets, or small applications. The widgets can, for example, be integrated with a job-hosting Web site to let users see how many connections they […]

London Calling

According to The Wall Street Journal, Fallon London is exempt from the recent pains felt in Minneapolis. Fallon’s London office, with 175 people, has won accounts in the past year including Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s United Kingdom business, Cadbury Schweppes PLC and Eurostar Group. As a result, the office’s billings have doubled to £120 million, or […]

Freelancers Revolt At MTV

Seems like more and more media people are getting tired of working for The Man. From The New York Times: The walkout highlighted the concerns of a category of workers who are sometimes called permalancers: permanent freelancers who work like full-time employees but do not receive the same benefits. Waving signs that read “Shame on […]

Wal-Mart Lives To Blahg Again

Wal-Mart has a new blahg. This one’s called Checkout, which seems fitting. This is a blog, simply, about a team of experts at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club who have really cool jobs working with gadgets, games, sustainability and more. Even better, these jobs are centered around helping people save money and live better. You might […]

Considering Content

Faris Yakob is thinking deep thoughts about content’s place in our industry. Content and media are weird words. They are the antonymic binary stars that all our industries circle around, feeding of the energy they pump out into culture. They don’t really exist without each other. Even in the very specific sense in which we […]

Interacting With Consumer Packaged Goods

According to Ad Age, unique visitors to package-goods brand websites soared 10% compared with a year ago in the third quarter to 66.4 million. The tally is double the 5% rise in the U.S. internet users to 181.9 million. The traffic increase appears to come primarily from a surge in online display advertising from package-goods […]

Work Hard At School, Get Free Happy Meal

Ad Age reports that McDonald’s has found another way to reach their best customers. The Golden Arches picked up the $1,600 cost of printing report-card jackets for the 2007-2008 school year in Seminole County, Fla., in exchange for a Happy Meal coupon on the card’s cover. With 27,000 elementary school kids taking their report-card jackets […]

TV Audience Isn’t There

According to Adweek, network TV isn’t delivering the eyeballs marketers are paying for. NBC has quietly begun reimbursing advertisers for fourth-quarter prime-time ratings shortfalls, averaging about $500,000 per advertiser, according to media buyers, marking the first time in years a network has taken such a step to compensate marketers for ratings deficiencies. Among the Big […]


Agency Spy (which has been acquired by Media Bistro) points to a Seattle Times story on Avenue A/Razorfish. Employees at interactive advertising agency Avenue A | Razorfish had a couple of questions on their minds when they heard this spring that their parent company, aQuantive, was to be acquired by Microsoft: Do we get to […]

NYT Story On Branded Entertainment Takes A Stand

I really don’t have a strong opinion on branded entertainment on TV–it’s really nothing new. But this story in the New York Times, written by Louise Story, certainly has a odd tone to it: One of the more popular tricks — oops, I meant to say tactics — advertisers are using today is branded entertainment, […]