Booze Barriers Fall

According to Stuart Elliott, WNBC-TV in New York is daring to run spirits ads. The decision is a small but significant sign of changing attitudes toward advertising of products that many consider contentious. From 1948 until 1996, no TV station or network accepted liquor ads although distilled spirits were advertised in newspapers, magazines and billboards. […]

Anomaly Loses A Client, But What About The Products?

Although I’m very fuzzy on how the compensation models are set up, I’ve been intrigued by agencies like Anomaly that have pursued other means of revenue than writing ads. This story in Adweek mentions that Anomaly has lost Virgin America, but because of the unusual business arrangement, things sound complicated: Virgin America’s split with the […]

Give Caribou A Coffee

BarbaraLippert of Adweek likes the new Starbucks spots from Wieden + Kennedy. “Ski Lift” is abstract, but still warm. It features cool, switched-on music (“I Love NYE,” by Badly Drawn Boy) and even offers a little breather when it comes on, like staring inside a snow globe, or, um, taking a coffee break in a […]