Video Content Is King

MySpace announced the launch of MySpace Transmissions today, a new music program that lets recording artists create and distribute exclusive video content. The concept brings the online community behind the scenes and into the recording studio with their favorite artists. “Transmissions takes our existing music programming to the next level by creating a unique way […]

Jamba’s Jumpin’

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nestlé USA will start selling two types of Jamba Juice fruit drinks at grocery stores in eight Western U.S. states next year in a move that will advance Nestlé’s push into ready-to-drink beverages. For Jamba Inc., operator of the Jamba Juice chain, the licensing deal will mark the juice […]

Want to Write a Novel? Just Do it.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight has been attending English classes at Stanford. Knight graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1962 and has given over $100 million to the school since then. One of the tidbits in the article I found particularly interesting is the way […]

Sometimes You’re Just Trying To Slip One Past The Client…

Like some bored copywriter did with this Spirit Airlines e-mail blast. I laughed. Anyone ever try to pull something like this on an unsuspecting client?

The Fine Art of Typesetting Head-

I spotted this nugget from Chris Tingom at BrainFuel.

Dr. Martens Shows A Little Leg

According to The New York Times, Dr. Martens are looking to rebound from a bad ad campaign and slumping sales. After Dr. Martens ran advertisements that depicted dead rock stars like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Joe Strummer of the Clash wearing its shoes in heaven, the musicians’ survivors (who had not granted permission) and […]

Join The Tribe. Exchange Totems.

The New York Times explores the cultural and anthropologic modes found in online social networks. Michael Wesch, who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, spent two years living with a tribe in Papua New Guinea, studying how people forge social relationships in a purely oral culture. Now he applies the same ethnographic research methods […]

A VC Afraid of Apple

Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist in the tech sector with a popular following thanks to his A VC blog, thinks Apple brand is bruised and on the road to worm-ridden. I am afraid to upgrade to a new version of iTunes because it might make my music and video unusable or it might brick my […]

Publicis Gets Its PR On

This month’s Fast Company has quite the puff piece on Publicis and its assorted ventures, including Digitas, Droga5, and how it’s all coming together. Here’s a choice nugget you may not have known about Digitas and its CEO, David Kenny: Kenny has focused on transformative, systemwide initiatives since arriving at Publicis. In May, he rolled […]

Why So Ugly?

Rob Walker discusses the absense of a design imperative in MySpace’s offering. When I first looked at MySpace, my reaction was: “What a mess. It’s just (visual) noise.” In fact I think I reacted to it much like parents reacted to some of the music I listened to when I was a kid: That it […]