Remove Mud From Face: Award A Second Home

According to Rocky Mountain News, Centex Homes and the Denver Newspaper Agency have screwed up a promotion and caused a family that won a new home great sadness. The article does a poor job of explaining the details of how the promotion went wrong. Apparently finalists in the contest were given a key to the […]

Bees Are Buzzing Off And That’s A Big Problem

According to Adweek, Burt’s Bees is partnering with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign to tackle the Colony Collapse Disorder issue (an issue 60 Minutes recently addressed). The natural personal care comany, which recently agred to be acquired by Clorox, addresses the environmental issue in a new public service announcement, online marketing and consumer sampling. […]

The Hollywood Writers Strike

Well, even Tina Fey got on the picket line in New York City yesterday, so you know it’s serious. A few years ago, with a looming baseball strike, I wondered what would happen if advertising creatives had a union. Advertising is a commercial art–just like TV is. But copywriters and art directors don’t have a […]

One Highbrow Aggregator

Scott Karp has an interesting (as always) take on the Gray Lady’s move to aggregate content not their own. wasn’t the first traditional media brand to aggregate third-party content — and it certainly won’t be the last. But the New York Times, once considered the national newspaper of record, represented one of the last […]

It’s Hip To Be Green

The New York Times reports on NBC’s Green Week, now underway. With all the greenwashing going on, the paper brings a cool eye to the effort, but gives NBC room to explain. “For a very cynical world, this is a very earnest effort,” said Lauren Zalaznick, the president of Bravo Media and head of the […]

The Dentsu Guide To Better Management

Courtesy of the beautifully twisted minds at Words & Pictures.

Old School Ellen

Jack Paar and Ed Sullivan used to pitch their favorite cigarette midshow. Now Ellen’s doing it. DeGeneres, on Friday pitched the hybrid gas/electric version of Toyota’s Highlander SUV during her daytime television series, resurrecting a ritual from the golden age of television. In the 30-second retro “spot,” she compared features of the 2008 Toyota Highlander […]

Direct From NOLA

”Creative kids used to start bands. They’re starting brands now.” -Rob Walker Polygamous Wedding, the innaugural one-day “connection planning” conference that went off last month in New Orleans is now offering some of the presentations on their blog. The offering above is from Robbie Vitrano, principal of New Orleans’ agency, Trumpet. The presentation I’m nost […]

Chris Anderson Unloads

New York Times Magazine writer, Rob Walker, points to a post by Wired editor, Chris Anderson, that unloads on people for him sending unwanted solicitations via email. I’ve had it. I get more than 300 emails a day and my problem isn’t spam, it’s PR people. Lazy flacks send press releases to the Editor in […]

“Advertising Is Like Lettuce And Milk…It Must Be Sold Fresh”

London consultancy, Joined Up Company has been making short films featuring British brand and agency big wigs like John Hegarty, Hugh Burkitt, Sean Gogarty, Charles Vallance and others.