News Copy Is News Copy, Not Ad Copy

Dennis Ryerson of the Indy Star doesn’t like to see newspaper copy used in political ads. He believes there’s an implied endoresement there that doesn’t exist, so it’s misleading. Newspapers such as The Star have worked hard to remain an independent voice, not tied to any special interest. It’s hard to convince some people of […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: “Insane” Market Valuation

Publicis Chairman and CEO Maurice Levy called Microsoft’s $240 million dollar investment in Facebook “insane.” He also he termed the investment “unbalanced” relative to the potential advertising value of the social media marketplace. He said the “bloom” was off the “Myspace rose,” and that the exuberance driving investments in online social networks has yet to […]

R.I.P. Norman Mailer, 1923 – 2007

A few days ago on this blog, Frank Lloyd Wright was honored for his high principles and artistic tenacity. For similiar reasons we honor the passing of Norman Mailer, the last Great American Writer, who died November 10 of kidney failure. From the New Yorker: He was a slugger. He swung at everything, and when […]

Designing Customer Experiences

According to Ad Age, IPG is looking to connect with consumers in new ways. Former Ogilvy & Mather design guru Brian Collins is joining Interpublic Group of Cos., where he’ll run a stand-alone unit focused on making consumers’ experiences with products a more primary part of the marketing mix. The New York-based firm, called Collins, […]

Advertainment At Every Click

Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee calls the above episode of Roommates a bad commercial. We’ve talked before about what role product placement should play in web video, and how web video is turning into a shill game. But this makes the massive product placement in Kate Modern look like PBS. I’m no hippie. I get and […]

Schematic Kicks Ass And Takes Names

Do you know Schematic’s Trevor Kaufman? AT&T does. They awarded their $2 billion dollar account to WPP based upon his pitch, according to The Wall Street Journal. AT&T spokesman Michael Coe says the telecom company was impressed by the Internet capabilities of the WPP team. “That’s an important channel for us.” WPP aims to sell […]

An Exercise In Transparency

Buckley’s not only makes coughs disappear, it makes MySpace layouts better. I kid you not.

Daylight Savings Hangs Up On AT&T and Apple Customers

It appears that Truemors may have a scoop. Customers attempting to activate their new Apple iPhones have been receiving “Activations are disabled at this time” errors due to a failed daylight savings patch at AT&T. Apple has deleted forum threads on the activation issues and there have been no reports of the issue in media […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Legions of Brand Fans on the March

If you’re gonna play the soc net game, you need to score high. You know, like Tila Tequila. Numbers matter! Which is why we need to thank Catharine P. Taylor for keeping score. Despite the fact that Facebook turned her away from their big press conference this week, the lady’s a pro and pros keep […]

Guiness Imitates Honda (And Spends Lots of Money in the Process)

[via Scamp]