Who Moved Kraft’s Cheese?

Kraft Singles wants you to Have A Happy Sandwich. The processed cheese maker also wants you to participate in the marketing of said cheese slices, which is why they’re dangling 50 Large in front of anyone with a video camera and an idea. Like this guy… [via Endless Simmer]

Ghost Dog Does The Dew

Forest Whitaker (who we loved in Ghost Dog) is one of the brains behind Dewmocracy, a story-based advergame from Mountain Dew. According to the site, players “are invited to join the movement to create the next Mountain Dew. Your journey will give you the power to select the flavor, color, name, logo, label, and tagline […]

Goodby Guys To Wed For Fame And Money

Never say Goodby doesn’t understand the interwebs and modern culture. Adages points to 2 Husbands, a web-based reality series where people compete to wed one of two guys who work at Goodby. That’s all the proof we need. Zach Canfield, a creative recruiter, and Tanner Shea, a designer, are the guys. Canfield has had some […]

Media Neutrality Handed Down From On High

Media Daily News calls the Leo Burnett reorg, announced today, “the most blatant gesture yet by a major agency holding company that the traditional agency model is broken and needs to be reinvented.” Publicis described the new structure as an “open architecture” model drawing on the assets and key personnel of Burnett, SMG, Arc and […]

Meditate On This, Mr. Focus Group Man

[via Lee McEwan]

Newspaper Success Put Up In Lights

The Return of the Flying Pigs, “a story only the Philadelphia Inquirer could tell,” is now showing in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s a tale of an ad man transformed into a newspaper man, and making a go of it against a strong tide pulling papers out to sea. “The industry needs to proudly […]

Pro-Bono Related Silence

Well, David’s been carrying the load the last few days…like he does pretty much all the time. I spent the weekend filming and editing a video for a local charity that resettles refugees who come to America without a penny. Which promptly made me glad to be born in this country and makes day-to-day advertising […]

Must Have Great Portfolio And Hit The High Notes

Creating great marketing is a lot like theater and performing – it’s all about small ensemble teams improvising around customer insight. –Jeff Flemings Self-promo is tough to get right, as is its kissin’ cousin, recruitment advertising. But the above effort works pretty well. Of course, I’ve always had a weak spot for band metaphors.

No Headline Needed

American Society of Magazine Editors selected the April 9th issue of The New Yorker as the Best News Cover of the Year. It is a powerful image. [via Bad Banana Blog]

Creative Use of Seersucker

Adweek spoke with Richard Kirshenbaum, 46, about his agency and other pertinent matters. On why he’s Cheif Creative Officer and Co-Chair: I developed something called the Baskin-Robbins approach to creative directing. Instead of one cd who is expected to oversee everything, I have a number of senior-level cd’s who are different flavors. It’s a much […]