Weaning One From Starbucks

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Minneapolis Agency Heating Up

Minneapolis-based Olson — which employs about 100 people — has been on a tear lately. The shop has picked up three accounts in a 60-day stretch. The latest win is Ohio-based Fifth Third Bank, the nation’s 13th largest bank and a $30 million dollar account. Olson also picked up creative chores on Allen-Edmonds shoes and […]

Toothpaste for Dinner

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Calling Out A Pesky Potential Client

I’ve received, as I’m sure most people have, my share of form rejection letters. Plus, I keep a good mental record of anybody who’s ever blown me off or shown me less than professional courtesy. Over at Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary, Peter Madden reports on one new business RFP and the rejection thereof: The […]

Adweek To Drop “Week” From Its Editorial Calendar

Catharine P. Taylor didn’t welcome the news that Adweek—a media brand she invested years of service in—is moving from 52 issues to 36 issues a year. …I would’ve expected something, well, a lot less half-baked than the wimpy, weak-on-detail, so-called announcement that came out on Tuesday. From a publication that prides itself on carving through […]

Not Dean & DeLuca (But Might As Well Be)

Sally Quinn and her son, Quinn Bradlee The New York Times “Sunday Styles” section gave Costco some free advertising today, and the paper even managed to fill the unpaid advertorial with inside the beltway celebs. To its benefit, Costco has carefully fashioned an upscale-downscale image, and their stores do better in high-end locations, said the […]

Marketing That Matters–Advertising 101 For The Green Crowd

I’ve never worked on the client side, nor have I ever started a business, so I don’t quite fit into the intended audience of Marketing That Matters: 10 Practices to Profit Your Business And Change The World by Chip Conley and Eric Friedenwald-Fishman. Nevertheless, it’s a good primer on marketing for anyone building a brand […]

The Mobile Web Is All Thumbs (For Now)

Michael Fitzgerald of The New York Times looks at the present day failure of the mobile web. Data will make up only 12 percent of average revenue per user in 2007, far below the expected 50 percent, according to Caroline Gabriel, an analyst at Rethink Research. Similarly, surveys by Yankee Group, a Boston research firm, […]

A Real Turkey Of A Guerrilla Marketing Stunt

…and of the funniest sitcom bits ever, IMHO. God, I wish they’d clear all the music rights and get this show back out on DVD.

The PG Version of “Sex in the City”

Stuart Elliott of The New York Times looks at how Pepperidge Farm is migrating from the typical consumer packaged goods site to a community site called Art of the Cookie, which purports to offer women social connections through cookies. “We started with this notion of wanting to move our communication with our consumers from telling […]