Changing Perspectives At 10 M.P.H.

The film 10 MPH chronicles the story of two friends and aspiring filmmakers that ditch soul-sucking cubicle jobs to claim a more fulfilling life by making a film about a cross-country journey by Segway. The filmmakers–Josh Caldwell and Hunter Weeks–are DIY all the way. So it makes sense that they’ve decided to open up their […]

Use Of Catchy Song Nabs Student A Trip To L.A.

Stuart Elliot took an interest in the consumer generated ad for Apple that led the brand’s agency to do a broadcast quality remake. (The original verison is shown above.) “I was sitting on the bus and I got this e-mail on my phone,” Nick Haley, a native of Warwick, England, said in an interview last […]

Score One For The Freaks

W+K hosted an event last week called Ignite Portland. A bunch of people stood up and spoke for five minutes on a variety of topics. I selected the one above because Keith Gerr looks as interesting as he sounds. When he’s not appearing on YouTube, he’s running Kemo Active, a brand actualization and invigoration consultancy.

Ideas Don’t Grow On Trees

L.A. Times is reporting on a looming strike by 12,000 members of Writers Guild of America, the union representing writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media. Writers maintain they were shortchanged years ago, when they agreed to a discounted pay formula for home video sales, only to see that business flourish. They […]

Make My Logo Bigger Cream

From the funny because it is true category, Make My Logo Bigger Cream, a viral from Agency Fusion.

Dentsu’s Mad Man Called Out

Catharine P. Taylor points us to this salacious story in BusinessWeek: The former creative director of the U.S. arm of Japan’s largest advertising agency sued the company Wednesday, saying he was duped into visiting a brothel and pressured to engage in other sexually explicit activities on company outings across the world and then was fired […]