Life In The Ad Trenches

I like to follow a link and find something fresh there that looks and feels like a discovery. I clicked into such a world this morning, when I followed a link to the daily (ad) biz. The anonymous writer of this blog doesn’t like New York people, the Yankees, Yankees fans or men with earrings, […]

Legendary Brand Architect Says CGC Is “Like Pulling Your Own Teeth”

Adweek talked to Phil Dusenberry, the 71-year-old former chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO North America, who is being inducted into The One Club Creative Hall of Fame this week. Here’s a selection of his thoughts on the state of advertising today: Q.What do you think of the state of copywriting, given that we […]

How Stuff Makes Money

How Stuff Works, the “not yet profitable” web property owned by investor Carl Icahn and others, will be acquired by Discovery Communications for $250 million. The deal highlights how established media companies increasingly are expanding on the Web through targeted acquisitions instead of building their own sites, a strategy that largely has failed. “We’re way […]

Nike’s Investing In Experiential. Big Time.

“We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive, we’re in the business of connecting with consumers.” – Trevor Edwards, Nike’s corporate vice president for global brand and category management This is a great time to be in the marketing services business. The inverse is also true—it’s not such a great time to […]

Saatchi ECDs Quit

Saatchi & Saatchi/NY ECDs Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico have left the agency, according to Best Ads on TV. These are the guys who did “Hot Juicy Burgers” for Wendy’s and won a platoon of awards during their 2-year stint at the agency. My two cents on the Wendy’s spot is that it works too […]

Nice Lurk

It’s time for yet another entry in the “If you’re thinking it, someone’s already doing it” category. I had this idea a while ago that I could conduct the operation of this blog from a coffeeshop around the corner from Wieden’s Northwest Portland compound. It would be like a modern day sit in, minus the […]

Portrait of a Dream Client (Too Bad She’s Fictional)

Mad Men’s Rachel Menken, as portrayed by Maggie Siff, exudes confidence, intelligence, taste and other attributes one might like to find in a business partner. This is how Siff describes her character to her alumnae magazine: “Rachel is intelligent and thoughtful, very direct — a truth-teller — and also very in touch with her sexuality. […]

Caption It #23

[via McChronicles]

Targeted Placement In Toronto

In what seems like an obvious move, The Toronto Star is planning a revamped approach to selling newspaper advertising, including a switch to modular ads and sectional pricing, starting Jan. 1, 2008. Sectional advertising means ads will run in sections selected by advertisers and a separate rate card will be developed for each section tied […]

A Few Good Creative Men

I’m not sure who put this together, but it cracks me up: