Facebook Starts To Twitter

According to Ad Age, Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz said his company is offering new mobile software for use on the BlackBerry Curve smartphone. Facebook mobile users can push photos, posts or other comments to friends also using the devices. T-Mobile USA is the first wireless carrier to offer the new Facebook for BlackBerry application, which […]

Google Screws With Our Heads

Google pissed a bunch of content producers off this week by adjusting their Page Rank algorithm. Apparently, the G men don’t appreciate sidebar links, a.k.a. blogrolls. You’ll note the blogroll here is quite extensive. Accordingly, AdPulp’s Page Rank was lowered. Technosailor has a good response to the negative adjustments. For bloggers who are not sure […]

Want To Put Agencies Out of Business? Make Better Products.

ClickZ had a party on Wednesday night to celebrate 10 years of innovation and excellence in online marketing and advertising. They invited author and academic Douglas Rushkoff to speak. Rushkoff exhorted marketers to convince their clients to come up with compelling products. “Teach them how to get back into the business they are in,” he […]

Is This An Ad?

[via Hill | Holliday]

Day of the Iguana

“I resent going to France to celebrate advertising.” -Lee Clow Lee Clow is not the kind of leader who is content with thinking big. He must do big. Which is why he’s intent on creating a new epicenter for advertising hedonism in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The surf is also radically better there. The concept […]

Cambridge, Here I Come

Other than SXSW, I don’t go to a lot of conferences. But I’d like to pick up the pace a bit and Futures of Entertainment 2 looks too good to pass up.

Crispin Envy

Do you suffer from Crispin envy? Don’t worry about it. So does Goodby. Or maybe I need to say so did Goodby. Goodby, unlike most, had the wherewithal and the talent to do something about it. According to Adweek, GS+P now considers itself an integrated marketing shop. And they’re increasingly hiring creatives from academic environments, […]

Is There Anything Diddy Can’t Do?

According to Ad Age, Diageo has tapped Diddy, the CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment, to act as brand manager on its Ciroc vodka brand. Diddy will be in charge of marketing, advertising, public relations, product placement and events. Here’s how he sees the opportunity: I didn’t think there was a vodka whose marketing spoke to […]

MySpace Pushes Its Envelope

MySpace made three major announcements this week—two of which served to underscore a deepening fundamental difference in philosophy from its closest rival, Facebook. The third is a half-hearted attempt to mimic Facebook. 1) MySpace announced Tuesday that it has forged a splashy licensing agreement with Sony BMG—the world’s second largest label—for access to streaming videos, […]

Bitchin’ Ads The Tip Of The Iceberg For Nike

The Wall Street Journal is running a great article on how Nike is reaching well beyond the sports world to find inspiration for their lifestyle products. At Nike, the drive to recruit under-the-radar influencers like Mr. Cartoon is on the rise and a key part of the company’s strategy. While other sneaker-makers have also called […]