Mute Buttons Collar The Truth

Joe The Peacock is funny. And when someone funny is forced to endure mindless babble on a conference call, they tend to a) pass out, or b) make a note of it. Joe The Peacock made note of it. Here are some of the things he thought, but could not say (without the invention of […]

Big Money In Sales

Fortune reports that the job du jour is online ad sales rep. In fact, the field is so hot, journalist Jessi Hempel was offered a “mid-six-figure” salary by a CEO to defect while reporting the story. Hiring a sales director “is the single biggest challenge that we have faced,” says Dina Kaplan, co-founder of, […]

Bob Garfield’s Not Feeling Comcastic

Ad Age critic Bob Garfield has taken his personal crusade against Comcast into the blogosphere with a new site called Comcast Must Die. Here’s part of the site intro: Actually, I have no deathwish for Comcast or any other gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity, What I do have is the earnest desire for such […]

From Nowhere To Everywhere In The Span Of A Decade

USA Today looks at the growing proliferation of, and resistance to, electronic mail. Today about 150 engineers at chipmaker Intel will kick off “Zero E-mail Fridays.” E-mail-free Fridays already are the norm at cell carrier U.S. Cellular and at order-processing company PBD Worldwide Fulfillment Services in Alpharetta, Ga. Prominent techies are tackling the problem individually […]

We Are Arrogant

According to Ad Age, We Are Gigantic, a MDC Partners-backed ad shop born earlier this year out of the now-defunct Margeotes Fertitta Powell, is being sued by Gigantic Marketing, a two-year-old New York-based marketing firm. I can’t argue the merits of the case (please use our comments area if you can), but I will offer […]

Focus Groups Reveal Brutal Truth: Cast A Chimp

[via Adverganza]

Molly’s Big Brain

Molly E. Holzschlag is a well-known Web standards advocate, instructor, and author. Here she is contemplateing the massive brain power needed to operate in information-rich environments like the intertubes: Web designers and developers are challenged in a way that very few learners and thinkers are challenged. Not only is the complexity of the subjects that […]

PR Gets Some Publicity

Ken Wheaton of Ad Age looks at The New York Observer’s piece on Admen losing their mojo. The article suggests that public realtions, of all things, has usurped advertising as the industry of choice for those seeking a route to glamour. The supposition is supported by the role Heidi Montag, one of the stars of […]

Facebook And Checkbook Not Yet Synonymous

New York Times is investigating whether any of the 4000 applications that have been introduced to the Facebook platform by second parties are making money for their inventors. As far as the paper knows, no one has made a significant sum. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the money from flowing. In fact, one VC is totally […]

Dump The Bucket

Greg Storey doesn’t like the word “bucket,” nor what it implies. I just got off the phone with another in a long list of clients who used the word “bucket” several times during a conversation about information architecture. In olden times we used words like “categories” or “sections” but these new kids are dropping their […]