Sell Your Friends helps Internet users (like me) create kiosks, or virtual lemonade stands, which can then be placed on Facebook and MySpace pages, among others. Lemonade works like a master catalog that includes items from 250 online retailers, including, iTunes and The startup is based in South Norwalk, Conn., and is the creation of […]

A Safe Place for Pretty People to Play

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting on, a new social networking site that seeks to unite professional fashion models everywhere. On the site, the thin and beautiful can post pictures, videos and information about themselves, find romantic matches and get deals on everything from cosmetic dentistry to clothes. Unlike other modeling-focused […]

The Man Behind Two Buck Chuck

According to Business 2.0, Fred Franzia, CEO of Bronco Wine, the nation’s fourth-largest wine company, is fighting a war against pretentiousness. Hating pretentiousness isn’t just a business plan. It’s Franzia’s entire identity. His office is a wood-paneled trailer with carpet holes repaired with duct tape that looks like it might house the night manager of […]

Careful With That Gadget, Eugene

Neil Dingman, a mortgage consultant in Minneapolis and an iPhone owner, was unexpectedly charged $852.31 by AT&T recently. According to Dallas Morning News, Dingman took his iPhone on a European vacation. For the 14 days he was there, he used it only a handful of times and had expected to see just a small increase […]

On Bloom’s Bullshit Meter (A Place You Don’t Want To Be)

Joseph Jaffe, President and Chief Interrupter at Crayon, on the changes his company is undergoing: crayon relaunches itself today as a conversational marketing company, specializing in helping its clients engage advertising-weary consumers through the power of community, dialogue and partnership. Think of crayon as a cross between a think tank and a strategic consultancy, with […]

100 Candles for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is promoting its 100th anniversary via a video on YouTube. Neiman executives told Ad Age it’s an unorthodox move, but they think there’s a place for their luxury brand on the video-sharing site. “Like with anything, you hear people in meetings say, ‘Did you see the thing on YouTube?’” said Ginger Reeder, VP-corporate […]

Full Sail Is Stoked to Brew and Brewed to Stoke

How To Sell Sugar

Image courtesy of Dooce.

Affordable Asshattery

If you have taste, you don’t flaunt it. Not so, says Hennessy. The cognac maker asks instead that you defy convention and “Flaunt Your Taste.” To help you do that, Hennessy has a neat little PDF download that you can memorize. The obnoxious copy in Hennessy’s manual suggests that: There is nothing more powerful in […]

Ads To Icons: A Great Book But A Misleading Title

It’s really too bad that Dr. Paul Springer, the author of Ads To Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age got saddled with, or settled for, a horrible looking book cover and a completely misleading title. Because you can really learn a lot from his book. If you’re like me, you’ve watched all the […]