Music Lovers Keep The Faith

Martin Stiksel, one of the founders of social music site, spoke to the BBC about his startup and how entrepreneurs are constantly challenged to persevere through times thick and thin. sold to CBS Interactive for $280 million in May, but Stiksel remembers leaner days. Back in 2002, he said, no-one was interested in […]

Something For The Game Room

You know how people collect old signs from gas stations and the like? Pay Pal is offering a new addition to the serious collector’s assemblage of advertising artifacts. As we welcome the new PayPal logo with open arms, we encourage you to BID a fond farewell to the former logo and its embodiment, the PayPal […]

Get The Door, It’s Alex Bogusky

According to Adweek, Crispin Porter & Bogusky picked up the Domino’s Pizza business, besting Martin and GSD&M in the process. Ken Calwell, the Domino’s chief marketing officer, said, “Their company is one of the best and brightest in the industry, and I am certain that they will provide a strong brand message for us.” Though […]

Plug In To Higher Car Consciousness

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Time To Cut Back On The Bacn

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a new term was coined last month at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2. The term is “bacn” (pronounced bacon). Bacn is opt-in email from your bank, your dentist and other service providers. It’s not exactly spam, because you asked for it. But it’s not personal e-mail either. For online marketers, bacn is the […]

Rolling Stones To The Contrary

Amy, Cruise Director at Get Satisfaction explains the crowdsourcing concept as it applies to customer service: Satisfaction is people-powered customer service for absolutely everything. More specifically, though, it’s a place where communities of customers come together to answer each others questions, share ideas with each other or with an organization, report and solve problems and […]

Unilever’s Content Play

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting on the latest adventure in branded entertainment. Next week, MTV plans to air “The Gamekillers,” a new TV series about young men’s quests to win over women. It may not be obvious to viewers, but the series is also about Unilever PLC’s quest to sell more […]

Big Love In The Big Easy

When it comes to conference names “Polygamous Weddings” is certainly one of the more creative entires I’ve seen. Ever. But I’m not surprised in the least. Great things comes from New Orleans. The October 26th event, put on by Trumpet and The New York Times, has a blog with more details. Could it be otherwise? […]

Real Life Mad Men Taken To Task By Good Doctor

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Juliette Lewis ROX PDX

Do you ever wonder how agencies like Wieden + Kennedy keep their edge razor sharp? Easy. They invite fringe characters like Juliette and the Licks to their Atrium for lunchtime antics.