Here’s 30 Megs. Now Go Run Germany.

Sigurd Rinde’s “wacky take on enterprise software,” a.k.a. Thingamy needed a new logo. Hugh MacLeod helped him out with it, but it’s the tagline that spurred me to post. Well done, gentlemen.

Garfield On Advertising (Not The Cartoon)

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Unless You’re Reading A Novel, Text Alone Is Not Enough

USA Today says LinkedIn is getting with the picture party. Giving into user demand, the networking site LinkedIn will soon start letting its users post photos with their personal profiles. LinkedIn has long resisted photos, seeing itself as a site for professional networking and job-seeking and desiring to set itself apart from social-oriented hangouts like […]

Air Adobe Soars

Newsweek spoke to Adobe Systems CEO Bruce Chizen, 52, about his company’s brand presence: Q. Not many people have a strong brand sense of Adobe. Does this bother you? A. What’s wonderful for Adobe is, we are pretty much everywhere you look. Your magazine was probably produced with Photoshop and Illustrator and Adobe fonts. Just […]

Can You Hear Me Now? Not If You’re Pro-Choice

Businesses have the right to choose who they do business with to a certain extent, but this is a little creepy. From The New York Times: Saying it had the right to block “controversial or unsavory” text messages, Verizon Wireless has rejected a request from Naral Pro-Choice America, the abortion rights group, to make Verizon’s […]

What Is It With Wieden And Spiffy Rooftops?

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Notable Words From Advertising Notables

Steve Hall started a prominent ad blog and a social network around that blog. Maybe he’ll start an agency too. Whatever the case, Hall did attend a panel at Advertising Week today called Want to start an AD agency?! Some of the interesting things he heard: Linda Kaplan Thaler told executives at Herbal Essences (the […]

Take The “Mad Men” Pseudo-Reality Tour

Lots of ad folks are dumping on AMC’s “Mad Men,” but Gridskipper has your Google-mapped guide to all the hotspots (and approximate locations) of many of the scenes on the show so far: Don Draper and Rachel Menken have their first tête-à-tête at a lounge with distinctive zebra-print wallpaper. This almost has to be a […]

Getting Creative With Mobile Content

The Japanese are reading novels on their mobile phones. Lots of novels. One of the country’s leading mobile publishers, Maho i-Land, has six million members and over one million titles to choose from. According to industrywide data cited by Japan’s largest cellphone operator NTT DoCoMo Inc., sales from mobile-book and comic-book services are expected to […]

Hogshead On The Lost Art Of The Big Idea

Sally Hogshead wants creatives to remember their true (i.e., traditional) value: as people who come up with great ideas based on insights into brands and human nature. It’s easy to forget the importance of a really kick ass “concept” these days when many agencies–even a fair amount of hotshot digital shops–are simply struggling to keep […]