Second Story Finds Smart Clients In Museums

You know how agencies often find a niche to mine? Well, Portland interactive agency, Second Story, is pulling gold from the museum niche. multimedia slideshow for New Bedford’s Whaling Museum The Oregonian did a profile on the shop in July. Second Story, hardly known in its hometown, exerts national influence with Web sites for the […]

Schools Look To Alums In Ad Game For Much Needed Help

According to Ad Age, some universities are getting creative with their spots that run during NCAA football and basketball games. Stanford, for one, hired Dailey & Associates of West Hollywood to produce a TV campaign. The agency’s three-spot campaign looks at the world-changing inventions developed at the college through a humorous lens. Bruce Miller, president […]

When You Watch Too Much CNN…

…you get commercials like this stuck in your head: So has anyone ever worked for/with The Ad Council? Is this the best we can do, pro-bono wise? Oh, and while we’re on the subject… When is “Cop Rock” going to come out on DVD?

Turn Your Kids On To Jazz And Poetry

When you’re writing to parents and asking them to involve their kids in the arts, the copy should sing. Thankfully, it does in this second phase of print ads from and Click image to read larger version Other artists and thinkers in the series include Celia Cruz, Walt Whitman, Virgina Woolf and Homer.

Psalm 9:2

I was a bit startled to find the above leave behind when it was served with my on board breakfast yesterday morning en route from Anchorage to Seattle. I realize the US is a Christian nation, but there’s a line here that Alaska Airlines willfully crosses. Their only out is the fact that this Psalm […]

Back In the Saddle

I just returned from a two week vacation in Vancouver, BC and Alaska. It’s the first real vacation I’ve taken in several years and the first and only break I’ve given myself from AdPulp since its inception in October 2004. While every trip to the Pacific Northwest is filled with natural beauty, one of the […]