Night Brights Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

According to USA Today, digital billboards are taking hold in cities across the country, even as sign companies, federal regulators and opponents debate the legal status of the technology that makes them possible. “When the sun goes down, you can’t ignore it,” Mark Legan says, gesturing from his living room toward the giant television billboard […]

Donny Deutsch’s Protege Becomes A Talking Head

OK, I’ll readily admit that when there’s nothing worth watching on TV, I’m a a sucker for the Hardball-Countdown-type cable news talking head shows. But I did a double take when I saw Deutsch LA’s ECD Eric Hirshberg on the Dan Abrams show last night. The topic? The war in Iraq and President Bush’s definition […]

Given 200 Words, You Make Them Count

A Brief Message, a new site from Khoi Vinh and Liz Danzico, features design opinions expressed in short form. Somewhere between critiques and manifestos, between wordy and skimpy, Brief Messages are viewpoints on design in the real world. They’re pithy, provocative and short — 200 words or less.

Personal Privacy Is So 1999

Perhaps the reason Facebook won’t sell is it’s already owned. By the spooks. [via Desedo] In related news, Hugh MacLeod doesn’t really want to be my friend, or yours on Quechup (a social net with serious boundary issues).

Pecha-Kucha Gives Guy Kawasaki’s 30-20-10 Rule A Run For The Money

Wired Magazine is running a short bit on pecha-kucha (Japanese for “chatter”). According to the piece, Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein, two Tokyo-based architects have turned PowerPoint into both art form and competitive sport. Their innovation applies a simple set of rules to presentations: exactly 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. That’s it. Say […]

Commonality Is Key

“Offices need the sort of social milieu that Jane Jacobs found on the sidewalks of the West Village.” –Malcolm Gladwell I’m intrigued by the number of independent professionals who are adopting the idea of coworking. Maybe I’ll do it myself one day. Thus, I was glad to stumble upon this resource. While there seem to […]

Creating Cultural Change Through Marketing

John Winsor weighs in on his first 90 days at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. His Boulder-based firm, Radar Communications, was acquired by Crispin last spring. CP+B is an incredibly entrepreneurial place. While it creates some manic energy it also has intensity around the creative process that is so necessary for anything great to happen. This […]

Breathing Digital

In another sign that digital creatives are hot shit today, Jean-Marie Dru, the chairman of Omnicom Group’s TBWA Worldwide, flew from his office in New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for lunch. His task: sealing a top-secret deal to lure Colleen DeCourcy, then top digital executive at WPP Group’s JWT. The Wall Street Journal (paid […]

A Little Video Sizzle

Emeryville, Calif. internet video house, Turn Here, is capitalizing on the amazing growth of the new medium. The company, which provides “high quality low-cost internet videos,” has 803 samples in several categories on YouTube, including the one above, which sells real estate and a hip SE Portland neighborhood at the same time. In related news, […]

Blocking Ads On The Web

Today’s New York Times takes a look at the implications of AdBlock Plus, a Firefox plug-in that keeps ads from appearing on the browser: The larger importance of Adblock is its potential for extreme menace to the online-advertising business model. After an installation that takes but a minute or two, Adblock usually makes all commercial […]