Ads To Icons: A Great Book But A Misleading Title

It’s really too bad that Dr. Paul Springer, the author of Ads To Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age got saddled with, or settled for, a horrible looking book cover and a completely misleading title. Because you can really learn a lot from his book. If you’re like me, you’ve watched all the […]

Agreeable Fliers Found In Virgin Airspace

Are you a Virgin American? Apparently they’re quite the quirky lot. Sean Gannan at Anomaly says, “Despite being a diverse and distinctive group of folks they can, impresario and idealist alike, find things to agree on – be it spectacular shoes, the relative merits of onboard plugs, or a celebratory bag of potato chips.” Share


Starting next week, labels touting the new prime-time lineup from CBS will appear on packaging and containers available at supermarket deli counters. So your half pound of sliced honey ham could bear a label that tells you to be sure to tune in for CBS shows such as “Viva Laughlin,” “Cane” or “Two and a […]

Copy Contest In The Travel Category

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But Jeff and Rich, There’s No Car In This Ad

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Cartoons On Web 2.0 Trail

For the first time, Bugs Bunny and dozens of his animated companions at Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. unit will be housed together on a single internet portal. The new Web site, dubbed T-Works, for “Toon Works,” is scheduled to go live in April. It is the latest effort by a major Hollywood studio to […]

iFeel Like An Idiot. Not.

The news of Apple’s iPhone price drop and subsequent mea culpa from Steve Jobs brought out a legion of naysayers, including one on this board who called buying a product on its launch day an “idiot tax.” “Idiot tax”? Well, speaking as a genuine, stood-in-line-for-2-hours idiot, I wish more folks in corporate America would do […]

Okay, Now It’s Time To Buy An iPhone

Apple surprised some people yesterday by slashing the price on its iPhone by $200. The 8 gig model will now sell for $399, making it far more attractive to a wider group of mobile users. Steve Jobs also said Apple will stop selling the 4 gig model, as most consumers are opting for the device […]

“Advertising Is Poison Gas. It Should Knock You On Your Ass.”

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How’s Your Audio Quality?

Tom Asacker shares an interesting piece on the state of quiet. I just returned from a speech at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and while there I was struck by something. Actually, I was surprised by an absence of something: noise. I really didn’t hear any clanging coins, dissonant bells, or spinning WHEELS . . […]