Yogurt — It Goes Good With Jewels!

The New York Times shares this “Ridiculously Thick Yogurt” ad from Fage, a Greek food company with U.S. distribution. After coming up with the idea to mix Fage’s affordable luxury with the kind of non-affordable luxuries the word “luxury” was invented for, Fage’s ad agency, Ogilvy New York, approached both Honora and Tourneau directly and […]

The Airwaves Will Be Free Again…This Message Brought to You By the Good People at Google

The Washington Post took a look at this Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) piece on Google’s move into cellular communications and decided to write its own article on the development. Google has developed a prototype cell phone that could reach markets within a year, and plans to offer consumers free subscriptions by bundling advertisements […]

Sports Is An Entertainment Product That Content Helps Sell

Entertainment brands are on the forefront of seeing themselves as creators of content. For marketing pros in this sector, it’s native territory. Mike Stevens, chief marketing officer for the New York Giants, is such a creature. According to Ad Age, the New York Giants and Fox Television’s two New York stations are forming a new […]

Selling It Over There So We Don’t Have To Sell It Over Here

Seems that American brands have also invaded Iraq. From USA Today: Many Iraqis are developing a taste for American-brand products, which were banned under Saddam Hussein and are becoming increasingly popular. Rice, salt and canned goods are among the most popular American products at the Al-Ameer market, owner Mohammad Abbas said. “American items have a […]

The Ad Biz Needs “Extraordinary Purification”

JWT/London for Smirnoff Via Adscam, where a person called “Grumpy” left a wonderful comment about the spot. You only get this kind of class work if you: Have a client who deserves it Don’t believe the future is in user-generated shit and the blogowankosphere Don’t listen to the no-mate geeks peddling social networking and the […]

Journalists Are The Real Change Agents

I think a good deal about about the differences between journalism and advertising, and how in many cases the differences are fading away in this new age of content-driven media. Then along comes a story that reminds me just how large a gulph still exists between the two professions. According to The New York Times, […]

Lisa Ling Drinks Folgers

Click the image to see the commercial on Folgers.com.


So rarely do we turn the cleverness on ourselves… [Via Cherryflava]

Ad On A Hot Steel Roof

[via Billboardom]

Dooce Shoots Video. Bloatosphere Is Receptive Once More.

Not to be outdone, Holly Burns is also doing the Vimeo thing all of a sudden. Maybe typing is getting old.