Power Point Is The New Business Book

“The realization that shopping was getting cast in a specific—yet broader—cultural context made me curious about the role of shopping in modern American life.” -Meg Kinney Meg Kinney, Executive VP of Strategic Planning at The Integer Group, is a former colleague of mine. Her investigation of shopper culture is now available as a PDF from […]

Peel To Win! It’s Admazing!

From the Netherlands comes “the ultimate, nonintrusive, cutting-edge, most incredible advertising method available” on the internets today… That’s right, Peel Away Ads can be yours for the amazing low price of $37. Why wait until the price goes up to $97, or even $197? Do it NOW for just pennies on the dollar… [via Truemors]

Will Run For Mayor For Food

image courtesy of Flickr member, Laughing Squid According to Scott Beale, San Francisco artist “Chicken John” Rinaldi, wants to run for mayor, but needs to raise $5000 by 5pm this Friday, August 10th in order to be on the ballot. To meet this monetary demand from the city, Chicken scraped together enough money to run […]

New Media 4 New Consumers

Looking for a client who understands the social media sphere of influence? Universal Studios has (at least) one such creature. photo courtesy of Flickr user, FPRA Cynthia Gordon, VP of Corporate Communications and TV Program Development at Universal Studios, speaking at the Florida Public Relations Association annual conference, described how Universal tapped bloggers, appropriate web […]

The Micro Persuader On Twitter-like Applications

“If Web 2.0 is like golf, then a blog is a nine iron, while a micro-blog is a putter. It’s all still golf, but bloggers are starting to mix it up, and the course is changing.” -Steve Rubel in Ad Age

Red Crosshairs

The Red Cross found itself in the middle of a branding tussle inside a Manhattan courtroom yesterday. According to The New York Times, Johnson & Johnson and the American Red Cross have shared the red cross symbol amicably for more than 100 years — Johnson & Johnson on its commercial products and the American Red […]

Red Tettemer Brings New Meaning To The Word “Mocumentary”

Groundhog Crossing—a feature film written, directed and produced by Philadelphia-based advertising agency Red Tettemer on behalf of the Pennsylvania Tourism Office—is making the rounds at independent film festivals across the country, all in the name of driving state tourism. “We figured we’d never outperform that Chocolate Rain guy on YouTube, so we decided to forgo […]

Ad Creep’s New Poster Child: In-Text Advertising

So, I’m reading this article on Entrepreur about The Catalyst Code: The Strategies Behind the World’s Most Dynamic Companies, a new book by Richard Schmalensee and David S. Evans, when I notice these green dotted text links… Curious, I click, only to find an advertising popup care of optSpots, not a deeper exploration of the […]

Please Direct Me To A Parking Spot

Mobile Mammoth points to an interesting new mobile media play that can help drivers in densely packed American cities find a place to park. The service is called Best Parking and it currently features a database of parking garages (and prices) in NYC, Boston and Philly. See the company’s slimmed down mobile site here.

Must We Go There?

via Flickr member, aapglobal