mono Makes Television

Click image to see segment In a sign that agencies are getting more deeply involved in content creation (not advertising), mono—an advertising agency within the MDC Partners network—was called on to create 26 original segements to open each episode of Sesame Street’s 38th season. Each episode begins with an interview with people and animals of […]

The AdPulp Interview: David Rosen

David Rosen has been a busy man of late. On August 7th, the former Group CD at Deutsch had his first novel, I Just Want My Pants Back, published. He’s been giving readings in Manhattan and promoting his work on these very internets. In the middle of this swirl, Rosen took a moment to entertain […]

Crossing The Line?

Manhattan Mini Storage is used to walking a fine line with controversy, but have their new ads in and around New York City crossed that line? (image source:

Making Meaning With A Domain Extension

Financial services company, TIAA-CREF, is playing up its status as a nonprofit organization with a new ad campaign from Modernista which includes a new web site, Gareth Kay, who leads the planning department at Modernista said, “We talked to a bunch of participants and a bunch of prospects in focus groups,” and the emphasis […]

That’s What Makes America Such A Great Country…

…the freedom to make ads like this… …without fear of being rounded up by the government for horrendous, horrendous taste. (Thanks to The Consumerist)

Is Apple Insulting People With Eating Disorders?

Over at The Huffington Post, Ashley Duque Kienze, a former bulimic, takes issue with the headline shown here: With the help of my family, my faith and my friends, I gave up the unhealthy behaviors of my eating disorder three years ago. Today, I write a blog about eating disorders and other issues related to […]

Nebraska Advertising Gets A Blog

Following the lead of Idaho and some other locales, there’s now NE Creative, a blog about advertising in Nebraska. Don’t make any, uh, corn-y heartland-insulting jokes here. 2 of our 4 AdPulpers, Mr. Shawn and Mr. David, are proud Cornhusker dudes.

The New Direct Is Nothing Like The Old Direct

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott is presently sitting atop Amazon’s PR books list. Web Ink Now is the author’s blog. [Marketing Voices program via Marketing Profs Daily Fix]

Not Another Erectile Dysfuntion Ad

For more info on this Greenpeace campaign, see

Y > G

According to Los Angeles Times, Yahoo edged out rival Google in a University of Michigan customer satisfaction survey released today. Yahoo’s ascent reflects consumers’ impression, whether deserved or not, that Yahoo has done a better job of innovating to keep up with the times, said Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results, which wrote an analysis […]