This Is A Westin “Ad” Via Deutsch/NYC

Westin believes in “personal renewal via transformative experiences.” And there are few places more desperate for “personal renewal” than the lowly subway box car.

A Taste of Generations Past

Behance looks at the reinvention of fashion eyewear line, Oliver Goldsmith, by Claire Goldsmith. Here’s one of the things she says, that I particularly like: “One good piece of wisdom was ‘while your competitors are copying you they will never be able to get ahead of you.’ I liked that, as creators are always worrying […]

No Need To Read Blogs Any Longer (Someone Perky Will Do It For You)

[via Fred Wilson]

Kids Interacting Online…It’s A Gold Mine!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Walt Disney Co. is buying the Club Penguin virtual community in a $350-million deal that could eventually be worth as much as $700 million. Launched in October 2005, Club Penguin has more than 700,000 paid subscribers and 12 million registered users, most of them in the United States and […]

Fallon To Get Lovemarks Infusion

Mr. Lovemarks is going to show Fallon some love. Yes, Fallon, the creative rock of Minneapolis. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), by giving Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, the additional responsibility of Fallon, Publicis hopes the Minneapolis shop can grow faster after several lackluster years. Fallon has been stung […]

Money Grows On Hugged Trees

Rafat Ali at paidContent is reporting that Treehugger has been bought by a larger media company for $15 million. The new site will become part of Discovery’s PlanetGreen network, which includes the eco-lifestyle TV network launching next year. Last year, Discovery-owned Animal Planet bought two online pet sites: and PetsIncredible. Treehugger, based in Brooklyn, […]

Let’s Talk Trucks Gets Spiked

Spike Jones at Greenville, SC identity firm Brains of Fire has some choice words helpful criticism for GMC, in relation to the automaker’s new website Let’s Talk Trucks, an obvious nod to social media. After rightly identifying the consumer testimonals as ads, Jones then hops aboard the Cluetrain: The funny thing is, “Let’s Talk” is […]

Don’t Ask A VC For Something Your Credit Card Can Provide

Guy Kawaskai is not the VC you want to ask for a million bucks to build your Web 2.0, User-Generated Content, Citizen Journalism, Long-Tail, Social Media Site…not when he built one for $12,107.09.

96% of Teens Are Active on Social Networks

Ad Age, hoping for a New York Post-worthy story, but not getting it, addresses the sexual predator factor on MySpace again. How many advertisers backed out of MySpace last week after it revealed it had deleted the profiles of 29,000 known sex offenders — more than four times the number originally suspected — from its […]