Flickr Becomes Free Stock House

You know how credit is never given in an ad? Well, no more. The above print ad from Virgin Mobile gives credit to the photographer, which is especially nice since Virgin did not pay for the image. Their agency found it on Flickr and published it under a Creative Commons license. While this is an […]

Buzz Loses Some Sting

Nielsen Buzz Metrics is stripping some of the gloss from the fledgling field of Viral and Buzz Marketing. According to their latest findings, high blog interest, or buzz, around new product launches is tightly linked to paid media spending. “Splintering media sources along with emerging consumer-generated media are challenging one-way, mass-media advertising models,” said Robert […]

MediaBistro Cashes Its Check is one of the more useful web properties in my sphere. So I’m pleased to see its founder, Laurel Touby, cash in. According to The New York Times, Jupitermedia of Darien, CT has agreed to pay $23 million for the site. “This company is a true Internet success story,” Ms. Touby said. “This started […]

Toppling The Tipping Point

Duncan Watts, a Columbia University sociology professor, is rocking boats with his challenge to the influencer model that much modern day marketing relies upon. Brandweek endeavored to speak with Mr. Watts abou this ideas. Brandweek: Why aren’t influentials as influential as everyone thinks? Watts: Common sense notions of cause and effect are deeply misleading with […]

Ask Apu

During this morning’s commute some AdPulp fodder emerged from the car radio. NPR’s Elizabeth Blair interviewed Reed Collins, a creative director at Leo Burnett about the transformation of a dozen 7-Elevens into Kwik-E Marts–a stunt meant to promote The Simpons Movie. Collins loves the move, in part because it was his team’s idea. Collins says […]

Not A Black Turtleneck In Sight

Did you know that Brand Flakes for Breakfast and Make the Logo Bigger are related? Yep. And not just that, they’ve leased an innocent van, covered it in Plaid and are now en route to Dallas, TX via New England. Strange, I know.

Louisiana Auto Ad Agency Fined $5 million by Georgia

The state of Georgia, which has always seemed a little lax in the regulatory area, continues to go after deceptive auto advertising. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs announced fines of $1.66 million apiece against Smart Automotive Group and its owners, Michael Burst and Ben Burst, charging them with violating the […]

Does Your Brand Have Mudflaps?

By now all the hype about the value of “online conversations” has reached the corner offices and executive suites of the world’s top marketers (some bookshevles may even sport a ragged copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto), but sadly the dark side of this new communications model has also reared its ugly head more than once. […]

Coke Reigns Supreme

According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), Coca-Cola Co. topped the list of Harris Interactive’s annual poll of “best brands” for the first time, as Sony Corp. slipped from the top spot, where it sat for seven straight years. Coca-Cola Sony Toyota Dell Ford Kraft Foods Pepsi Cola Microsoft Apple Honda To compile […]

Coming To An Agency Near You: The Four-Headed Creative

Anne Benvenuto is executive vice president of strategic services at R/GA. In the May 2007 issue of Admap Magazine she wrote an article called “Planning: the challenge of complexity” which introduces her concept of the creative hydra and other new media challenges. The creative hydra was born when a few new roles were grafted on […]