Meet The Media Neutral Brand Chiropractor

Event Design Magazine featured Eduardo Braniff, the ceo and creative director of Imagination USA in March, but I just stumbled across the article yesterday. Braniff on left Describing his firm, Braniff says, “Being a consultancy reinforces us to be, first and foremost, a thought-leading enterprise. It’s a deliberate use of language. We solve problems, craft […]

When It Comes To Music, I’m Label Conscious

The recording industry is looking more thug-like as each day passes. According to several sources, including Wired’s Listening Post, Universal Music Group, the largest recording business in the world, will not sign its annual contract with Apple to sell its music in the iTunes store (the 3rd largest music retailer in the U.S.). The move […]

McDonald’s Looks Under Its Own Hood For An Answer

McDonald’s plans to run its 155 UK delivery trucks on biodiesel made entirely from cooking oil collected from its restaurants by the end of the year. It will collect oil from 900 of its 1,200 UK outlets each week, take it to a separation tank in East Anglia, where food particles will be removed, and […]

Narragansett Takes A Page From PBR’s Book

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting on the remarkable reversal of fortunes for Narragansett Brewing Company. Mark Hellendrung bought the rights to the brand from Pabst Brewing in 2005. Since then he’s been on the road, meeting face-to-face with 60 to 70 bar owners and hundreds of beer drinkers throughout New England […]

Keep Cool With Cold Light

As an adult beverage marketer intent on “owning cold,” it’s best to have some solid data to back up your strategy. Come in with some proof that cold matters. According to The Denver Post, Golden’s largest brewer has this data in hand. A Coors Light survey of more than 1,500 men ages 21 to 44 […]

Mobile Advertising Has A Future

I’m an adamant believer that folks who use cell phones don’t want a bevy of interruptive messages from marketers, but… Seeing the entire web on my iPhone, the possibilities open up. If it’s done smartly.