New Belgium Finds Its Folly And Asks You To Do The Same

“I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” – Joseph Campbell New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, CO has reissued a classic motivational line–Follow Your Bliss–uttered by Joseph Campbell to self-realized persons everywhere. The brewer’s twist is Follow Your Folly. According […]

Thoroughly Distressing

Here’s some copy from the Attus Apparel website, used to differentiate their product offerings from the rest. Your typical polo’s have little animals, crests, etc. embroidered on the chest that serves as nothing more than an advertising tool for the clothing co, and also serves as a status symbol for the wearer. We came up […]

John Hardy’s Sustainable Advertising

John Hardy is not your typical captain of industry. In 1997, when Hardy acquired the land in Nusa Penida (near Bali) for his rapidly expanding business, it was still rice fields. Hardy was concerned about converting food-producing land, so the design studio is also an organic farm, complete with livestock—cows, goats, poultry, rabbits—and fish ponds. […]

Atlanta Braves Promote Field Of Trans-Fatty Dreams

Well, I guess my hometown baseball team didn’t have much luck with the “90 days same-as-cash” ticket financing scheme. So now it’s on to the next genius idea: Here are some of the mouth-watering details: Kick back and relax this summer in the Braves new All-You-Can-Eat Seats! Purchase a Basic Package and enjoy UNLIMITED ballpark […]

The iFix Is In

Subversives working for the larger good make me happy. Therefore, I’m happy to learn that a mere week after the launch of Apple’s iPhone, hackers are busy “fixing” its flaws. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), the most popular hack so far is targeted at the requirement that all iPhone users sign […]

Lisa “Super” Nova

Actor and writer, Lisa Donovan, a.k.a. “Lisa Nova”, rocks. Her YouTube channel has over 42,000 subscribers and 2 million plus page views. I don’t know what her take is on embedding ads into her videos, but if I was a brand manager with a youth-oriented product or service, I’d sure like to find out.

Social Media Rumblings

Social media consultant Brian Oberkirch is not fond of TechCrunch’s oversimplified Kevin v. Evan post. And Oberkirch didn’t like Kent Newsome’s post on the 5 stages of blogging much better. So what does Oberkirch like? I actually think the ‘King of the Mountain’ approach to tracking startups is disrespectful to the idea of entrepreneurship. Like […]

Pee-Free Seats!

David Polinchock, Chief Experience Officer at Brand Experience Lab kindly thought to share with us this video from Silverjet, which cleverly showcases an important new offering from the airline.

All You Need Is…Luvs?!?

Apparently so. Here’s the press release is all its marketing-speak glory: Featuring one of the most familiar songs in music recording history, the new execution, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, marks the first time the Luvs brand has taken traditional diaper television advertising to the next level by bundling it with a highly-recognizable song that […]

The Garage That Rocked The Web

USA Today profiles Susan Wojcicki in today’s Tech section. Wojcicki is the woman who rented her garage to two Stanford students intent on building a better search engine. Wojcicki is also Google employee No. 18 and the woman who invented AdSense. “It was a really novel idea at the time to serve ads that were […]