TV-Centric Creatives Get A Little Cranky

On May 25th, Brand Republic claimed, “the digital world really made its mark at last night’s D&AD ceremony.” But DDB London creative Rob Messeter ain’t buyin’ it. In a guest post on Scamp he says: I know it’s the future and everything, and everyone seems to be wetting themselves with excitement over it (particularly marketing […]

Flacks’ Argot Rejected Upon Receipt

The Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten is fed up with the language employed by PR execs. So he came up with a solution. He turned the tables and queried them with language that mimics their own. Here he is asking his contact at Meir Kahtan a question about MasterCard: Given the degree to which the deployment […]

Kurt Cobain Ad Causes More Headaches Across The Pond

Just so Courtney doesn’t sue us, I won’t show the Doc Martens ad featuring Kurt Cobain in heaven. It was only supposed to be seen in a British music magazine. But the International Herald Tribune has more on what happened next: The trouble began when an employee – disobeying instructions, Saatchi insisted – submitted the […]

Not St. Louis

The staff at Rogue Ales Brewery in Newport, Oregon understands video and its place on the intertubes.

Micro Media Easier To Trust

Ad Age wants its readers to know how essential blogs are to the media mix and product promotion. One of the big reasons blogs have such impact is their credibility among readers. In a February poll from We Media and Zogby Interactive, 72% of adults said they were dissatisfied with the quality of American journalism […]

Brand Planner Gets Her Hands Dirty In Cranberry Bog

A cognitive scientist in the employ of Arnold is responsible for clouding up what was once a very simple execution. Yuo know the one—two men in the role of cranberry growers stand knee-deep in a bog. The duo has been appearing in Ocean Spray ads since late 2005. But now the growers have company in […]

Our Hunger For Baked Goods

Today’s New York Times “Sunday Styles” section explores the rise of high end bakeries in Los Angeles. To understand how a culture moves full speed from fear of carbs and sugar to the need for indulgence, the Times reporter turns to cultural anthropologist, Grant McCracken and food critic Jonathan Gold for answers. Blame it on […]

“Transparency Is Not A Strategy”

In her latest Hog Blog post Sally Hogshead explains the value of anarchy and reminds us the “The Declaration of Independence” was once considered an anarchist document. As much as I love where she’s going with her “Anarchy Now!” call to action, what I really like is her paragraph on transparency. Companies are coming to […]

A Little Venting

I guess that when you read a blog called Why Advertising Sucks you know what you’re in for, but still it’s some good reading. There’s a perfectly well-timed and well-crafted rant entry: You won’t matter for however much people insist that you do because no matter what, someone else will do your job and since […]

Picturesque Americana In Focus

I saw a TV spot last night that led me to Google and then to Nikon’s wonderful “Picturetown” microsite, created to promote their D40 camera. Nikon, with the help of McCann Erickson/New York, has put together a remarkable campaign. Remarkable because it’s a consumer generated content initiative that looks and feels extremely high-quality. Consumers will […]