“It’s Your Thing” Falls On Deaf Ears

USA Today is running a particularly harsh headline today in the Money section: Pier 1 falls off shoppers’ radar. Once a must-shop store for tchotchkes, wicker and affordable Asian furniture, Pier 1 has wound up one of the weakest of home furnishing stores, battered by the bad real estate market. The retailer said Thursday that […]

Attend FOOA For Free

Ryan Carson, the man behind the upcoming Future of Online Advertising conference in New York City is generously offering AdPulp readers a chance to attend the two-day conference for free. After considering the various options for presenting this kick ass perk, we’ve landed on this: please use our comments to explain in 100 words or […]

Bud.TV Not Viral

Nigel Hollis of Millward Brown examines the jerky start for A-B’s $30 million dollar online content play, Bud.TV. Unfortunately for Bud.TV, it seems that the pundits were not alone. While money can buy you content, it can’t, apparently, buy you respect. Of the five males aged 21 to 27 who viewed the site for me, […]

Seen In Shoreditch

Photo courtesy of Flickr user, Szen Volta

B2B Shouldn’t Be DOA

About once a month or so, Steve McKee of McKee Wallwork Cleveland writes a column for BusinessWeek, and he’s always right on point. This month, he does it again with 5 Common B2B Advertising Myths: Over the years, my company has struggled with the creativity-limiting effects of myths like these many times. But we have […]

Recruitment Advertising Is A Game. War, Not So Much.

USA Today reports that tomorrow’s warriors are likely lurking in the gaming culture, popular with today’s teens and 20-somethings. The U.S. Army is about to invade the online gaming community with an estimated $2 million sponsorship deal with the Global Gaming League website. Starting in June, the Army will sponsor a “national gaming” area as […]

Do You Have A Gay Car?

There’s plenty of media aimed at the GLBT audience, and they certainly have money to spend. Which means that there’s a lot of advertising created to appeal to them. But do brands, such as cars, design their products specifically for that audience? There’s an article in The New York Times today that explores why some […]

Jewel Can’t Drive 55

USA Today looks at one of my favorite topics—the explosion of content solutions brought to client tables by agencies. Gillette is producing an ABC prime-time reality series starring the group of NASCAR drivers — dubbed the “Young Guns” — who are featured in its TV ads and online. Gillette is a NASCAR sponsor for each […]

Google Accused Of Interweb Robbery

Here are two polar opposite viewpoints from two prominent businessmen with blogs. Direct marketer, Bob Bly says: Google makes no secret of its contempt for copyright and intellectual property ownership — believing, as so many Netters do, that “information should be free.” To which I say, “Bull*(#$%*!!!” Serial entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis says: Google doesn’t steal […]

Fine Art Is Fine For Brand Building

On Ad Age’s behalf, Teressa Iezzi, the editor of Creativity magazine spoke to Sebastien Agneessens, founder of Formavision about the use of fine art in advertising. Agneessens, a gallery owner with an M.B.A. and a background in marketing at companies such as L’Oreal and Chanel, launched Formavision in 2002 when brands began to seek him […]