DIY Photog Puts Fashion In Focus

“Color on Madison Avenue” by Scott Schuman New York Post is running a feature on Scott Schuman, the man behind the lens at The Sartorialist. For the past year-and-a-half, Schuman has been snapping photos of stylish folk and posting them with pithy commentary at, which recently hit a million monthly page views. While fashion […]

Vermont’s Fuse Lit

On March 28th, we published a post called Look A New Fiefdom about Omnicom’s foray into sports and entertainment marketing. I podered how Fuse Marketing of Burlington, VT–a top 20 sports marketing agency according to Sports Business Journal–would take the news, given Omnicom’s new name for the unit is Fuse Sports & Entertainment Group. Here’s […]

Japan Loves Blogs

Dave Sifry at Technorati posted The State of the Live Web, April 2007 today. Here’s one fact that jumps out…Japanese is the #1 blogging language at 37%, folowed by English at 36%. Chinese is the third most prevalent language at 8%; Italian is fourth at 3%; and Farsi, a newcomer in the top 10, comes […]

Ogilvy On Digital Advertising

Carla Hendra, co-chief executive of Ogilvy North America spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the elevated importance of digital in her organization. The Wall Street Journal: Why is it crucial for Ogilvy to have a chief digital officer? Ms. Hendra: Every single part of the Ogilvy business … has to be infused with digital, […]

I Propose A New One Show Category

“Unintentionally Hilarious Local Commercial” Thanks to The Consumerist (one of my favorite blogs), we get “Great Moments In Commercial History.” I give you one of many gems, Don’s Guns: Who gives a crap about Singaporean two-page spread ads for Legos when this spot is just begging for a pencil?

Circuit City’s Loss May Be Aaron Rents’ Gain

In the wake of Circuit City dumping its most experienced and highest paid workers, other, better-managed companies are looking to hire. Most notably Aaron Rents, as BusinessWeek reports: Just one day after the electronics chain Circuit City Stores announced that it would lay off 3,400 workers and replace them with lower-paid employees, Charles Loudermilk, chief […]

I Like Totally Love It

Random Culture points to an interesting “Digg for shoppers” site with a Valleyspeak name, To me, this this is the type of consumer generated content that has a future. It’s web-enabled word-of-mouth. Who better than consumers to share this type of information? This same standard can’t be applied to consumers making TV spots. In […]

Even Visionaries Have To Get Along

Steven Heyer first came to my attention when he delivered his call for advertainment at Ad Age’s Madison & Vine conference on Feb. 5, 2003. He’s in the news again. After being passed over for the CEO job at Coca-Cola, he joined Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. as CEO. Now the board has forced […]

This Day In Advertising Blog History

Our fearless leader, David Burn, was born on this day in…well, sometime in the last century. Happy Birthday, big man.

Bob Barrie’s Agency Gets Off The Ground With United

At the Chicago Sun-Times, Lewis Lazare doesn’t usually have breaking news, but today he’s got an exclusive story: United Airlines will stun the ad world today when it shifts its advertising account from Fallon/Minneapolis — its home for a decade — to a startup boutique agency, Barrie D’Rozario Murphy/Minneapolis. United now will become the new […]