Podcasts Perfect For Novelists

In the New York Times today, a great example of how faith in your art can pay off, if you’re smart, resourceful, and have something people want. Most first-time novelists only sell a few thousand copies, but Scott Sigler, a San Francisco-based sci-fi writer, has built a sizeable audience for his “steel-tipped boot on your […]

Twitter De Twitter Dum

Web Host Industry Review offers a concise look at some possible uses for Twitter, a Web 2.0 darling du jour. You can use Twitter as a shorthand newsletter. The example that LifeHacker gave was a video store, whose employees can post new movies now available for rental, holiday business hours, limited-time sales promo, etc. Likewise, […]

Can An Agency With A Name Like “Arnold” Be Anti-Male?

Adweek reports on a war of words between Arnold and Glenn Sacks, a blogger who thinks Arnold’s commercials denigrate men. Glenn Sacks, on his Web site glennsacks.com, yesterday wrote, “We are asking Volvo not to award the contract to Arnold and instead award it to one of the other agencies, preferably Euro RSCG.” He objects […]