Save the Crabs, Then Eat ‘Em

Marketing for Change, whose motto is “Our business is behavior change,” is using a unique twist to advertise a local environmental initiative. Instead of leaning on the tired old “save wildlife” mantra, their campaign for a cleaner Chesapeake Bay relies on a more selfish approach—human appetite for blue crabs. Here’s a TV spot from the […]

Sam’s Seeks Affluent Female Members

According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), Sam’s Club wants to appeal to affluent shoppers and mothers. “If we are to expand Sam’s Club at the rate we expect, we are going to have to broaden our appeal beyond small business owners,” Greg Spragg, Sam’s Club’s executive vice president of merchandise and replenishment. […]

He Blogs. He Scores.

True Hoop is a pro basketball blog written by Henry Abbott. Abbott is a journalist with more than a dozen cover stories and one hundred plus feature articles to his credit. His work has appeared in HOOP, Inside Stuff, Men’s Journal, the official NBA Finals program and on CBS’s national radio network. He’s making bloatospheric […]

Brand Stewards Start To Listen

Media Post reported a few weeks ago on the relationship between Technorati and Ogilvy. In an effort to help clients better understand the blogosphere, Ogilvy North America has enlisted the services of blog-tracking company Technorati. “We believe the blogosphere can have a considerable impact on brand health,” Carla Hendra, co-CEO of Ogilvy North America, a […]

Delete The Crap

Venture capitalist and blogger, Guy Kawasaki, schools us on closed system commenting. “Moderated comments” is an oxymoron. If your company is trying to be a hip, myth-busting, hypocrisy-outing joint, then it should let anyone comment. The concept that people have to be invited to post comments is pathetic—if you hold yourself out as a big […]

Tits And Ass! Hurry! Tits And Ass!

Ariel Waldman’s blog has been taken over (for a few days) by Steve Hall. I’m rendered speechless, so I’ll let Jetpacks do the talking for me. “This is akin to the cast of The Simpsons showing up in guest roles on 24.”

Hugh The Vulnerable

Stormhoek’s Hugh MacLeod has been travelling around jolly old England offering grocery shoppers samples of the South African wine he helps market. Johnnie Moore has some interesting things to say about the activity. It’s all a million miles away from high-powered branding from the top down. You let go of the trappings of high office […]

Tagline Du Jour

WSJ (paid sub. req.) looks at one department store’s attempt to redefine itself via advertising. J.C. Penney Co. today will unveil a new marketing campaign centered around the slogan “Every Day Matters,” the latest step in its long-running push to update its image to reflect more stylish offerings. The new campaign comes just a few […]

Theatre of the Mind

Mark Ramsey of Hear 2.0 conducted an interview with Watts Wacker, the noted futurist and author. When dealing with Wacker, there’s an abundance of great matter to slice from (as if his thoughts are prime rib of beef). Here’s a plateful on radio for you: Q. Where do you see the future of radio? A. […]

String Theory 2.0

Tech Dirt is pointing to a neat social media idea from The Economist. They’ve decided to publish, in the form of a blog, all of the letters they receive (excluding ones that are patently offensive). There’s also a comments section for each one, so that the letters they receive don’t just serve as static items, […]