Super Bowl Ad Lineup

Need a guide to today’s Super Bowl ads? USA Today has one (broken down by brand name). As you can see, A-B has nine spots running during the game. That’s over $20,000,000 in jacked up CBS airtime.

Super Bowl Losers Second Life in Sierra Leone

What happens to the t-shirts of the team who loses the game tonight? That’s easy. They get shipped care package style to third world countries. The New York Times sheds light on this uniquely American brand of philanthropy: The other set of championship gear — the 288 T-shirts and caps made for the team that […]


GM will introduce Robot 2407 on Sunday during a 60-second Super Bowl slot. Yesterday the automaker debuted a 30-second preview on YouTube. But the inanimate object found “his” voice on the internets over a month ago. Here’s “his” first post from December 30th. ROBOT 1397 THINKS I AM CRAZY FOR STARTING A BLOG. HE SAYS […]

Black Gold Has More Luster Than Gold Gold

Sometimes a company succeeds and advertising has nothing to do with it. Instead, market conditions, political favors and an insatiable appetite for their product create wealth on a scale that is hard to fully comprehend. ExxonMobil is such a company. According to USA Today, ExxonMobil earned $39.5 billion last year, making it the most profitable […]

$300, 15 Minutes Of Fame, And One Night In Jail

The Boston Globe shares more details about the two guys arrested in Boston and how they came to be involved: In a State Police report, investigators say that Berdovsky told them he met a man in Brooklyn last November who asked him to participate in a “promotional stunt” and steered him to Interference. The company […]

Jeff Chester Talks About The “Brandwashing” Of America

For a new podcast on Radio Talent Zoo, I interviewed Jeff Chester, the director of The Center For Digital Democracy and the author of Digital Destiny: New Media And The Future Of Democracy. Telecom companies, The 4A’s, and other organizations are continually lobbying Congress to relax rules and regulations that control the media. Jeff works […]

AKQA Sells Majority Stake To Well-Heeled Money Men

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting that San Francisco interactive-ad firm AKQA has sold a majority stake to private equity firm General Atlantic LLC. While there’s nothing new about an agency acccepting large wads of cash for a partial or full buy out, there is a unique twist to this transaction. AKQA […]

Julie Roehm Talks To BusinessWeek

This whole, uh, sordid affair, is a huge cautionary tale for anyone thinking of leaping into a new job. BusinessWeek has a good story detailing how things began–and ended for Roehm during her tenure at Wal-Mart. As fall approached, the deadline for the agency review was looming. On Oct. 15, Wal-Mart finally settled on one […]

Imitators Pain In The Ass For Levi’s

The New York Times lists the most litigious U.S. companies of the decade. Microsoft is king, followed by Cendant, Altria/Phillip Morris, Best Western, Dunkin’ Donuts, Lorillard Tobacco, Levi Strauss, Baskin-Robbins, Chanel and Nike. The story looks closely at one of the most iconic brands in American history–Levi Strauss–and the trouble the privately-held San Francisco company […]

Interference Runs Interference With Boston Investigation

An update from The Boston Globe: Friends of the local artist accused of spearheading Wednesday’s bomb scares said he was warned by an executive at a New York guerrilla marketing firm as early as 1:25 p.m. on Wednesday that their advertising campaign had incited panic in Boston. An advertising executive at Interference Marketing Inc. instructed […]