The Cure For Common Cultural Cluelessness

High Jive is using classic ads from years gone by to persuade a new audience. Aside from the ad pictured above, he’s modified VW’s “Think Small” campaign, the old Hathaway shirt ad, an old Avis ad and several others. All drive you to his site, MultiCultClassics, for a more lengthy discourse on the need for […]

Art Directors Club Call For Entries Takes On Armageddon

I’ll admit I didn’t study the Art Directors Club call for entries poster when it came in the mail a couple of weeks ago: It’s intended to be the “Final Call For Entries.” But over at Little Green Footballs, a right-leaning political blog, the poster was interpreted like this: It’s an impressive panoply of moonbat […]

Entrepreneurs Believe

Former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review, Nicholas Carr, looks at the Pranksteresque moves of Steve Jobs. It’s hard to imagine the pleasure Steve Jobs must receive from singlehandedly upstaging the entire Consumer Electronics Show. There was just one moment during his two-hour presentation yesterday (at MacWorld) when he went off script, but it […]

Six Flags Lowers A Few

According to Washington Post and Bloomberg, Six Flags, the amusement-park chain controlled by Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, is selling seven of its 28 theme parks to Jacksonville-based PARC 7F for $312 million in an effort to improve its balance sheet. The seven parks to be sold are Six Flags Darien Lake near Buffalo; Elitch […]

Do You Harbor Any Resistance To Always-On Connectivity?

I just began instant messaging and texting last year. Aware of my new undertakings, Shawn–the publisher of this site–welcomed me to the year 2000. So I’m not an early adopter. I can deal with it. What I find interesting is people who resist altogether the watershed changes underway in technology and communications. USA Today lables […]

Pepsi Can’t Sit Still

The Wall Street Journal reports that one of America’s iconic brands is going through a late-life identity crisis. Scatch that. The story’s really about loss of attention span. Or maybe it’s about the Cult of New. You be the judge. PepsiCo Inc. is seeing its cans in a whole new light. For 109 years, the […]

Hire Artists. Elevate The Work.

Gwen Yip is an art director from Hong Kong currently working on Yakult at Wieden + Kennedy in London. She has a blog about looking for (and finding) work in the London ad scene. It’s adorable and I’m fascinated by it. In the frame above Yip shows us Michael Russoff, the Creative Director at Wieden […]

Cranky Gets Crankin’

USA Today reports on a new search engine designed to appeal to users that did not grow up on the web. Does surfing the Web exhaust — and even exasperate — older people? The backers of are betting on it. Cranky is a specialty search engine designed to please aging baby boomers by processing […]

Apple Ignores Trademark Law

With A Nod To Shepard Fairey

People love to bust on McDonald’s. There’s a long history of activism against the global burger dispenser. Ronald McHummer, the latest comer adds a subversive twist to their protest—a make your own McD’s sign game. Here’s why they’re bothering: McDonald’s often emphasizes its “long-standing global commitment to environmental protection and leadership.” So why did they […]