The Ninth Life Of The 30-Second Spot?

It ain’t over till it’s over. reports that ABC is selling 30-second spots for as much as $2.6 million, a new record. Advertisers still appear to be willing to pay top dollar during the Super Bowl since a gigantic audience is virtually guaranteed, regardless of which teams are playing. More than 86 million people […]

Buckeyes Storm The Gate

This USA TODAY article helps explain the outrageous salaries many college football coaches earn. Often, a public university’s coach ranks as the highest paid public official in the state, well beyond the governor, for instance. Ohio State’s athletic program is the nation’s top collegiate sports moneymaker. Ohio State made $89.7 million from ticket sales, royalties, […]

Russians Succumb To IKEAization (See, We Really Are Alike)

Russia Profile: It’s 5 p.m. on a grim and rainy Saturday afternoon in November, and finding a parking place near the IKEA store in the Tyoply Stan region of Moscow seems to be impossible. The gigantic parking area is completely full, and the line of cars waiting for available spots stretches for at least another […]

Where Hugh Began…The Genesis Cartoon

Going To Great Lengths To Compete With Starbucks

Lewis Lazare: Maybe it’s the name. Dunkin’ Donuts, after all, doesn’t suggest it’s a chain that puts quite as much emphasis on its coffee as it does doughnuts. But starting this week in the Chicago market, and nationally as well, Dunkin’ Donuts is introducing a new ad campaign from Hill, Holliday Connors Cosmopulous/Boston that hopes […]

Brands Top The 2005 Billboard Charts

Thirty-five percent of the top 20 songs on the 2005 Billboard chart contained brand references. According to strategy firm Agenda, Inc., 2005 was the year that: Missy Elliott’s Jell-o made the boys say hello, Mariah tottered back with a bottle of Bacardi, and the widest possible range of brands were showcased in the Billboard chart; […]

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Kristi Arellano of the Denver Post queried local ad execs about Crispin Porter’s imminent move to Boulderado. Pasquale “Pocky” Marranzino, president and chief executive of the Denver ad agency Karsh+Hagan (a division of The Integer Group), said his firm uses the Colorado lifestyle as a recruitment tool. “It’s succeeded in some cases and not in […]

Six Percent Out The Door

NYT: Across the country, the National Association of Realtors and the 6 percent commission that most of its members charge to sell a house are under assault by government officials, consumer advocates, lawyers and ambitious entrepreneurs. But the most effective challenge so far emanates from a spare Madison, Wisc. bedroom in the home of Christie […]

Carmaker Does Soft Sell For BET

Adweek: The True Agency has created a 30-minute original program for luxury carmaker Infiniti that features five black artists talking about design without once mentioning the brand. Nor are there any commercial breaks. Instead, the conversation ends after 25 minutes and segues into images of Infiniti’s various models. The program, moderated by former New York […]

Fit Your Content Onto The Tiny Screen Or Else

Scobleizer wants content his way. And what Scoble wants, Scoble gets. Right? Now that I have a sooppeerr dddoooppppeeeerr new cell phone (the Cingular 2125, it’s freaking awesome) I am looking at a lot of Web sites and RSS feeds. One thing I wish is that Web site developers/designers would look at their site on […]