Big Media Wants One Of Those You Tube Things

Wall Street Journal is reporting that four major media companies–News Corp.’s Fox, Viacom Inc., CBS Corp. and General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal–might join to create a video web site able to compete with Google Inc.’s YouTube. Nate Anderson wonders if the Big Guys can properly design such a site. In their own attempts at creating […]

Contrary Media Models United By Profitability

Reflecting on recent turmoil in the executive suites at AOL, Newscorp and CBS Interactive, John Battelle sees an industry grappling to find itself in the brave “New Media” world. Here’s what he believes the big guys are thinking: 1. Interactive is now a very important, profitable, and growing business. 2. We can’t afford to not […]

Don’t Stop Believin’

Kansas City sheep hater, John January, wants ad guys and ad gals of this land to remember why they got into the ad game. That’s right, for the love. I think we can’t help but love it. I think we ended up in advertising because we have always loved it. Didn’t you like commercials when […]

Homeowners Don’t Have A CLUE, But Insurers Do

This is really only tangentially related to advertising in the sense that we are constantly shown happy/safe/it’s-all-gonna-be-alright imagery from insurance companies in their advertising. But I didn’t know this: Insurers now keep records on the history of your home and use that info to deny you coverage. MSN MoneyCentral has more: Insurers increasingly are using […]

Another Spin For CBS Records

According to Los Angeles Times, the legendary label that once featured A-list recording artists like Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett, Miles Davis, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen is rising from the ashes. CBS Corp. plans to revive CBS Records — a vestige of the glory days of the now-troubled music industry — with an […]

Remote Locations Difficult To Manage

Network World reports on the difficulties faced by offsite workers and their managers. IBM’s efforts to create a flexible work environment have been so successful that 40% of its 330,000 employees work from home, on the road, or at a client location on any given day. But a few years ago, the company realized that […]

Merge. Spin Off. Merge. Spin Off.

Troubled Chicago conglomerate Draft FCB is planning to open up “an offshoot that would, if all goes according to plan, become a separate, independent full-service shop that would be part of the same parent holding company, IPG,” according to Lewis Lazare of Chicago Sun Times. Lazare says the new agency is being created to handle […]

How Long Before Your Client Asks For A Flog?

Online Media Daily reports that Sony released a statement yesterday acknowledging that their blog was phony. They have yet to admit how lame the stunt was. What I always wonder in these situations is where was the agency’s head? Was it their idea? Did they counsel vigorously against it? The article brings to light […]

Corporate Record Store Reaches End Of Its Business Cycle

Paul Farhi of the Washington Post laments the loss of Tower Records. There’s no doubt the Internet is a superior transactional medium for getting music. But saying so assumes that the transaction is all there is. It values ends over means, destinations over journeys. For a long time, Tower was a great journey.

Burnett Likes Arc’s Books

Ad Age reports on further blurring of “the line” that has long separated ad agencies (above-the-line) from their country cousins in direct and promo shops (below-the-line). In a move it hopes can reverse its slumping new-business fortunes, Publicis Groupe’s Leo Burnett Worldwide is taking direct/interactive sibling Arc Worldwide under its corporate umbrella. While Burnett executives […]