Merry Christmas Wall Street

I just paid $79 for a Wall Street Journal online subscription. I resisted the Dow Jones clan for years, thinking to myself, “Who needs them, when there’s so much free content available?” At long last I had to face myself and admit I’m the co-founder and Editor of AdPulp, and this subscription is simply a […]

Draft Investigates Itself, Clears Itself Of Wrongdoing

The Chicago Tribune reports on the aftermath of DraftFCB’s Wal-Mart win/loss. Observers of the ad business had been waiting for a reaction from DraftFCB, which finds itself under the glare of publicity and seemingly in a vulnerable business position. Wal-Mart took back its account this month, even before DraftFCB had started work for the retailer, […]

Tampa Time

Tampa agency, Pyper Paul + Kenney, thanks to several recent account wins have brought the new agency’s annual capitalized billings to more than $40 million in just a little more than two years. “In markets like New York City and Los Angeles, there are plenty of large agencies with talented people at the top, but […]

Edelman Injects “Free” Content Into Their Clients’ Ad Units

Clickz reports on Edelman’s embrace of RSS feeds for advertising purposes. The PR firm has linked with NewsGator to offer Edelman clients a product that pairs Consumer Generate Media, display advertising and the ever-popular Web widget. Deemed “Hosted Conversations,” the just-released offering serves snippets of online discussions on specific topics into advertiser-branded ad units. The […]

Cingular Space

Cingular Wireless, the nation’s largest cellphone provider, has made a deal with that will allow MySpace users to access their profiles through Cingular phones. Under the agreement, cellphone users will be able to go to their page to edit it, post photos and get messages. For example, a user could take a […]

Simmons Says, Ice Is Nice

The New York Times looks at Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons’ involvement with the diamond trade–an industry now under scrutiny thanks to a critical Hollywood film. “Blood Diamond,” directed by Harvard graduate Edward Zwick, depicts the violence surrounding the diamond trade in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. Simmons entered the diamond trade in 2003 with […]

Lawsuits Are Targeting Target, Claiming Copyright Infringment

If you think your local Target is beginning to resemble a Pottery Barn, it may not be your imagination. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports on a new lawsuit, and others over the years, that accuse Target of copying other retailers’ products: Williams-Sonoma, which operates Pottery Barn and other chains, claims in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday […]

Major Newspaper Company Absorbs Community Journalism Sites

Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits looks at McClatchy’s purchase of local citizen media sites, Fresno Famous and Modesto Famous. Fresno Famous was founded in 2004 by now 26-year-old Jarah Euston. The site is a community portal, with blogs, podcasts, Flickr photo galleries, and forums. “Purchasing a strong franchise such as Fresno Famous gives The Bee another way […]

That Was Easy

Staples has sold 1.5 million Easy Buttons–an artifact from the brand’s advertising–to date. How does this happen in a culture where people skillfully avoid advertising in all of its hideous forms? Rob Walker of The New York Times Magazine explores the topic. One ad executive speculated in Brandweek that the gizmo’s success comes from its […]

The Windy City Ad Scene Goes Cold

Crain’s Chicago Business takes a closer look at the city’s advertising scene. You can tell by the title of the article that the perception is it ain’t too good there: Dream of Chicago ad revival is dashed: The city’s ad agencies, decimated after years of losing headquarters and major accounts, seemed poised to regain their […]