America’s Next Top Entrepreneur

Microsoft is launching a new product, Office Accounting 2007. As part of the launch party, the software company is conducting a competition for the best small business idea in the country. The winner of this contest (which ends Jan. 30, 2007) gets free retail space in New York City for one year, $100,000 of start-up […]

Nick Denton Back Watch

Om Malik is a playa. A pimp daddy. Online video, gaming, data centers and virtual work – they were part of my larger vision of GigaOM network. Today, we took the next step forward and launched, a site devoted to online video, and other technologies that are reinventing the video experience. The new site […]

Quote Of The Day

“We’re turning Interpublic into a real company.” So says Michael Roth, CEO of Interpublic. Ad Age has the full report on what Roth said today at a media-industry conference.

Screw Micro Sites. Invest In The Brand’s Macro Site.

Ad Age looks at how many consumers choose to interact with brand websites. The numbers are pretty outstanding, at least in the examples given. Corporate and brand websites — once derided as “brochureware” in a digital marketing world that quickly moved to sexier applications — are getting a rehabilitation of sorts as their traffic numbers […]

Without Ego There Is No Genius

Randall Rothenberg dropped in on Peter Arnell and lived to tell his Ad Age readers about it. Mr. Arnell has been unquietly unmaking the concept of marketing services ever since he burst into view in the late 1980s with such out-of-the-box ideas as fashion ads that didn’t feature the products, city-inspired in-store installations and architect-designed […]

McCann Creatives Forced To Be “Army Strong”

Not sure if you need to be a subscriber to read the whole thing, but Adweek has an interesting report on the McCann creatives who underwent basic training in order to fully understand life in the US Army so they could work on their new account: By his second day of basic training at Fort […]

He Man Supplier Plays With Dolls To Great Effect

Carmichael Lynch has been making some great TV for Tractor Supply Co., the largest retail farm and ranch store chain in the United States. The spot above uses dramatic pause, or silence, to a degree rarely seen in a commerical. These spots also show respect for the audience. Ranch hands and others in need of […]

The King’s Candy

Ad Age examines a celebrity-backed promotion designed to provoke the over-60 crowd into visiting the candy aisle more often. Coinciding with the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’s death next summer, Hershey will shimmy onto the shelf a limited-edition peanut-butter-and-banana-creme variety inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll legend. And the rollout will be accompanied by a significant […]

Hamish McLennan Of Y&R Talks

In an interview in today’s New York Times, Hamish McLennan, new CEO of Y&R Brands and Ann Fudge’s replacement, talks about the challenges that agency faces: Q. What is your perception of Y&R’s place in the industry? A. Generally, it’s going well. We’ve got $800 million in global revenue. What’s happened in North America over […]

VCs Make Burritos

ValleyWag keeps us informed on the latest Valley Speak. Today’s term: Rollup. At least half a dozen groups, including private equity groups and entrepreneurs such as Ross Levinsohn, are establishing funds to acquire — or roll up — internet media companies. Here’s the logic: internet advertising is booming; established media and internet companies can’t buy […]