Hey, It’s Only $500 Million

More stories about Julie Roehm and the future of the Wal-Mart account pop up today. Brandweek addresses the future of the account, pondering this: Whether the remaining management team will stick with Roehm’s decision in late October to hire DraftFCB in New York to replace GSD&M in Austin, Texas, and Bernstein-Rein in Kansas City, Mo., […]

Anonymous Source Says D/FCB Lion Ad Screwed Roehm

Take it for what it’s worth. Speculation is leaking out about Julie Roehm’s quick departure from Wal-Mart. From Mediapost: One source says that during the pitch process for the Wal-Mart account, a lot of “gratuitous gifts” changed hands, raising eyebrows inside the company. Wal-Mart has a very strict policy about gratuities. While many executives in […]

David Horowitz Still Fights Back. Listen To Him.

I firmly believe that advertising and marketing professionals need people out in the media who provide checks and balances. So I was privileged to talk with consumer advocate David Horowitz of FightBack.com on a new Hot Mic podcast on Radio Talent Zoo. We talked about some big issues in the advertising industry, including “loyalty” programs, […]

PC Isn’t OK With Left And Right

When I first heard about the ad below, created by the right-wing Move America Forward organization, I was reminded of this poster, created for the relatively liberal Bill Maher’s book When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden. YouTube is clearly demonstrating an ability to get all sorts of issues out to the public. […]

Fuck Up Big! Go On To Great Heights.

Scott G thinks people responsible for making bad ads should be blackballed from the industry. He fails to mention there would be no one left to hire, but I digress. “Silly Girl” in Kansas City sees the problem differently: Are you fucking kidding me? You will never be anyone in this business until someone has […]

Sequoia Names Calacanis “Entrepreneur in Action”

ValleyWag points to Jason Calacanis’ new deal with Sequoia Capital. More importantly, they take time to explain what it means. This is further evidence that Sequoia is investing seriously in an area that Silicon Valley venture capital has typically avoided: media. Used to be that VC firms demanded proprietary technology as a pre-condition of investment. […]

Roehm Leaves Bentonville In The Dust

Boy, if you thought DraftFCB was up shit’s creek before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because the key client decision-maker at Wal-Mart who gave the account to them has gone–after 9 months on the job. From Ad Age: Ms. Roehm’s departure comes a little more than a month after the retailer handed its account to […]

The Broadsheet Goeth Into The Good Night

According to USA Today, The Wall Street Journal is tightening its belt. The new design will shave three inches from the width of the paper, the equivalent of about one column. The new front page will have five columns instead of six, with the “What’s News” summary of the previous day’s news flush to the […]

The Fine Line Between Drunk And Stupid

Grey/San Francisco is behind this new anti-binge drinking campaign from Youth Ledership Institute. The campaign’s Unhappy Hour blog dispenses facts like: 70% of college students binge drink before doing really stupid things to themselves and/or others.

Reach And Frequency

Still one of the funniest videos ever made about the ad biz, courtesy of the now out-of-business Elvis & Bonaparte Advertising in Portland. By the way, someone recently registered ReachFrequency.com just to post this video by itself. It’s a bit mysterious.