Boring Corporate Sites Attract More Eyeballs Than “Wife Swap”

Big, boring corporate websites, such as Unilever and P&G, attract a bigger audience than prime time TV shows, according to Ad Age: Such package-goods marketers as Procter & Gamble Co. and Unilever don’t sell many products directly online. Their low-cost, low-involvement brands tend not to generate much search. Yet the websites of P&G and Unilever […]

Google Rolling Out Radio Ads on Adwords

Google has finally integrated their radio advertising platform, driven from their acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting, into their AdWords program. A beta program is currently underway and ads are being run in several markets. AdWords audio brings the same bid-based advertising to radio networks and offers targeting by demographic, location and station type. The AdWords systems […]

Another Powerful Woman In The News

According to The New York Times, Yahoo is looking to a strong woman to resurrect the company in its time of need. On Tuesday, in an attempt to compete better with faster-moving rivals, the company announced a restructuring of its operations into three business units. As part of the reshuffling, Terry S. Semel, the company‚Äôs […]

A Ten Pack From Danny G

Danny G just ripped off ten blog posts in a row. Dude, I’ve only been traveling for two days! Once again, it’s nice to have colleagues you can count on in this, or any, endeavor.

The Wal-Mart Story Continues…

You know, I simply cannot comprehend shit like this– This must-read article in Friday’s New York Times says quite a bit about Julie Roehm and her conduct: While some of the details are in dispute, several people briefed on the matter said that Wal-Mart dismissed Ms. Roehm and a lower-ranking marketing colleague, Sean Womack, after […]

Easy Come, Easy Go: Wal-Mart Drops DraftFCB

You read that right. Adweek is reporting as of 5:30 Thursday night: Just weeks after hiring DraftFCB in one of the year’s most closely watched reviews, Wal-Mart is splitting with the Interpublic Group agency and plans to put its $570 million ad account back in play “based on new information that has come to light […]

Apparently, Proofreaders May Be Banned Next

Well, on the very same day I post about bad writing (see “Righting The Writing” below) along comes this ad from the “Center For Consumer Freedom” (read: a lobbying group for major food and tobacco manufacturers) which is reacting to New York City’s recent vote to ban trans-fats. The ad states that trans-fat, apparently, is […]

There’s Something In The Amsterdam Water

Once again, from BusinessWeek (you can tell I read it a lot), a closer look at shops in Amsterdam, which are gathering momentum with global clients: Why Amsterdam? The city’s openness and bicycle-to-work lifestyle helps attract talent, as do a vibrant design scene and a cosmopolitan mix of people. “Amsterdam allows us to be in […]

Advertisers Are Tuning Out Radio

Perhaps it isn’t a shock, but it’s still news. From BusinessWeek: The radio industry won’t want to hear this. Advertising dollars are shifting online faster than analysts anticipated. In fact, advertisers will soon spend as much money on the Internet as they do on the airwaves, according to a newly released eMarketer study. By 2007, […]

Righting the Writing

I’ve been contributing to AdPulp for almost two years now, and most of the time, I post things so hastily I’ll usually have to go back and fix an error or two. Such is the world we live in, always pressed for time. As a result, I’m noticing more careless writing in the world. And […]