Charmin Lets You Squeeze One Out In Times Square

I love New York City, but I’ve often thought that it’s a very atypical test market compared to the rest of America for the purposes of conducting marketing experiments. But I think this is a pretty good idea. From The New York Times: From next Monday through Dec. 31, the Procter & Gamble Charmin brand […]

Spec Spots For Burrito Maker Viewed By Millions

Ad Age reports that Chipotle has picked its winners in the chain’s college ad contest. The above entry from Dan Sheppard at University of Nebraska came in second. The video has been viewed 4,837,984 times (and counting) on YouTube. Try to imagine what kind of media buy would be needed to match these numbers.

Goodby Uses An Old Realtor’s Trick

According to Lewis Lazare, Goodby is filling the air with the smell of fresh-baked cookies in order to drive milk sales. Scented strips have been a staple in magazine advertising for a while. But always eager to expand the boundaries of what can entice consumers to pay attention to the ad messages, the ad industry […]

KFC Chases The UFO Market

Well, you’ll probably see or read something about it on the news, but just take it from KFC’s official press release today: KFC Corporation (a division of YUM! Brands, Inc. today became the world’s first brand visible from outer space by unveiling a record-breaking 87,500 square feet, updated Colonel Sanders logo in the Area 51 […]

It’s Obvious

Evan Williams, or Evhead as he is known, is a serial technology entrepreneur with down home values. ValleyWag calls him “a nice Midwestern guy.” Hey Denton, that’s how they grow ’em in Nebraska. Williams’ recently bought out his investors in Odeo, the podcasting startup he founded after selling Pyra Labs (the maker of Blogger) to […]

Dialing Up Indie Film

ABC News reports that Sundance will push its indie films to the gloabl mobile platform, beginning early next year. Robert Redford plans on bringing indie films to the very small screen — specifically cell phones all over the world. In a new experiment starting in February 2007, the Sundance Institute will release five short films […]

Gawker Media’s Silicon Valley Beat Up For Grabs

Valleywag is seeking to redefine itself. Publisher, Nick Denton says, “More money, a little less sex: that is Valleywag’s new gossip mantra.” The site is also looking for a new editor (and a junior writer) with an old-media, investigative reporting background.

Patience Bloggerman

Steve Rubel says people (and companies) starting blogs today often hope to realize overnight success. He advises against such thinking and recommends instead “blogging for search.” An executive for one of the biggest blog companies on the Web once told me that it takes a year for a blog to build substantial Google juice. Judging […]

Blogs Get The Cred They Deserve

Rueters reports that weblogs are a more trusted source of information (24 percent) than television advertising (17 percent) and email marketing (14 percent). But blogs still lag behind newspapers (30 percent) in the credibility department. The survey was commissioned by Hotwire, a public relations consultancy working in the technology sector.

Marketing In Schools Seen As Big Pimple

Ad Age looks at the struggle to keep advertising out of schools. Earlier this year, a teacher at a New Jersey private school handed out more than homework to the middle-school students: brochures and sample packets of Clearasil. The company defends it as an educational effort. “The material is all educational in terms of proper […]