Dove Tackles The Beauty Myth

Dove continues its Campaign for Real Beauty with the above clip, showing just how much makeup and retouching is done for models these days. You can decide for yourself whether the message in the spot is meaningful, hypocritical, or both. As for ruining the illusion, I’m still recovering from the shock of the Yasmine Bleeth […]

Albany Taxi Drivers Welcome Visitors To “Tech Valley”

Taxi drivers in Albany, NY have been enlisted in a word-of-mouth marketing campaign to pitch the area as a tech-savvy market to visitors. The program is a joint effort of Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, Capitaland Taxi and Albany International Airport. It makes perfect sense to utilize these drivers, for word-of-mouth comes naturally to them. […]

High Life For Men Again (Distributors Breathe Easy)

When I used to work on a big beer account, I was never comfortable with our need to target beer distributors first and consumers second. The thinking was no floor space means no beer sales, which does make sense despite being counter-intuitive for a creative. At any rate, beer distributors have a huge say when […]

AdPulp Born On 10.16.04

“AdPulp is the most accessible and populist ad blog. Therefore, it’s also probably the most successful.” –Vinny Warren Two years ago today, we started posting our opinions about the industry that sustains us in this space. So much has happened since then… We’ve made over 3000 posts. You’ve made close to 4000 comments on our […]

Om’s Impact At Business 2.0 Still Being Felt After His Exit

I Want Media interviewed Business 2.0 editor Josh Quittner in connection with the M-Squared conference in San Francisco. I’ve asked all of my journalists to create a blog. It’s an experiment in response to a lot of thinking I’ve been doing about Om Malik and the great success we had with him while he was […]

Caught In The PR Crossfire

There’s a bloatospheric storm brewing over Wal-Mart’s “fake” blog, Wal-Marting Across America. John at Biz Hack calls it a “flog,” otherwise known as a stealth PR blog. Bottom line, it lacks transparency—the very thing Wal-Mart’s PR agency likes to trumpet. And it’s not just Edelman on the line, here. Editor & Publisher reports on the […]

The Last Retainer

Pat D’Amico, business development partner at Psynchronous Communications and former SVP/Group Director at Arnold Worldwide, calls his own fiction “a bitterly funny account of the rat-eat-rat world of advertising” in our comments. So let’s look at the man’s prose, offered semi-anonymously on a Blogspot site: Tracy DelAngelis was in the late stages of making a […]

Dialogue Marketing Trumps Monologue Marketing Everytime

Friend of AdPulp (FOP), Tom Asacker wrote something I like a lot. Don’t look for breakthrough insights in outdated processes like “inventory control” and “advertising.” Instead, study those businesses that actually broke with conventional wisdom and discovered new ways to get closer and closer to the customer. And for the record, I am not saying […]

Hugh’s Give And Take

I haven’t peered into MacLeod’s Gaping Void in a while. Let’s take a look, shall we? I was in the pub the other evening, trying to explain the difference between Web 1.0 [“Dotcom”] vs Web 2.0 [“Blogs & Social Media”] to a web neophyte friend of mine. The short answer: “Dotcom was about ‘taking’. Web […]

Why Confine Storytelling To Books?

Toronto Star looks at Cathy’s Book, a great example of an interactive book. In the tradition of Griffin & Sabine — the series of books that contained packages of letters that became best-sellers in the 1990s — Cathy’s Book includes a sleeve of letters, invitations, pictures and other ephemera that are actually clues to help […]