Fallon Is Finished. Vox Has Just Begun.

Vox user, Veruca Salt made a post this morning with an interesting headline: Fallon is Finished It turns out the legendary Minneapolis agency is not finished, rather Veruca Salt’s doll, “Fallon” is. And just in time for Halloween. By the way, Vox is Six Apart’s free blogging platform. According to GigaOM, Vox held a launch […]

Jane Pauley Appears In Advertorial Against Her Will

According to The New York Times, Jane Pauley–who made her bipolar disorder public knowledge in 2004–claims she was duped into appearing in an advertising supplement for manufacturers of psychotherapeutic drugs. The television news anchor Jane Pauley has sued The New York Times, saying she was misled to believe she was being interviewed for an article […]

Whoah, Social Bookmarking Icons

Social bookmarking is all the rage these days and AdPulp.com is a little late to the game. We’ve had some requests, and now we’ve answered. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see six links to add AdPulp.com content to social bookmarking services. If you like a particular post, have an account with one of […]

MySpace = Interactive Yellow Pages

Louisville Courier-Journal explores how small businesses can benefit from having a MySpace page. A growing number of Louisville businesses are turning to the social-networking Web site MySpace.com to connect with customers, promote events and, ultimately, make money. Taverns, clothing stores and gift shops — many of them independently owned — are creating virtual profiles of […]

From Babes To Beef And Back

According to USA Today, Maxim will soon be putting some meat on its bones. Dennis Publishing’s Maxim magazine — known for cover photos of sexy women — will try to sizzle in another business. The publisher will launch of a bar and steakhouse chain under the Maxim name. While the magazine features foxy females, restaurant […]

How Draft/FCB Scored Big In Bentonville

Lewis Lazare has some ideas on how Howard Draft and his team reigned supreme in the Wal-Mart review, bringing the bacon home to Chicago via an estimated $570 million in annual billings. When the Draft FCB merger was announced, Jonathan Harries, the new global chief creative officer of the merged agencies, even went so far […]

Consumer Generated Jewelry

There’s photo sharing, then there’s Spencer Moy’s photo cuff which take the concept to another, more personal level. Available at Smoy.net. [via Aprille Roelle at Kodak’s A 1000 Words blog]

Tennessee Senate Race Radio Ad Sounds Ugly

So there’s a Senate race in Tennessee pitting the Republican former mayor of Chattanooga, Bob Corker, against Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. Corker is white. Ford is black. Tennessee is…well, Tennessee. The candidates have political differences. But do they have different musical tastes? Listen to this radio spot. It compares the two candidates. Every time […]

Geeks Rule The World (Yes, Even Apple’s World)

I love the iTunes store and the iTunes application I use to play music everyday on my Powerbook. But I do not love the DRM imposition that limits what I can do with the music I legally purchase. Nor does Jon Johansen, the 20-something hacker widely known for helping crack the piracy protections on DVDs […]

Federal Judge Says Online Stores Must Change

Inc. has an interesting look at website usability/access issues. Some online retailers are rethinking their websites in light of a recent federal court ruling that says they must by more accessible to the blind. In a class-action lawsuit filed in Berkeley, Calif., by the National Federation of the Blind, a federal district court judge ruled […]