Bengals First NFL Team To Launch User-Created Video Site

Legend has it that Mark Twain said that when the end of the world comes, he wanted to be in Cincinnati because we’re 20 years behind the time. That may be so when it comes to matters of race relations and high culture, but in terms of what really matters–user-created content and online video–we’re ahead […]

The Smaller The Screen The Shorter The Video

While there’s a ton of hype about online video and video for portable devices, a new study (picked up by Adweek) points out that consumers like their video best when it appears on screens built for that purpose. According to research from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, watching online video ranks just seventh among users’ primary […]

Political Ads Get Slicker

From USA Today: The ads are jazzy, edgy, hip — everything you don’t expect in politics. Which is the point for at least two candidates using them this year to portray themselves as likable, with-it guys. The ads for Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele look more like spots for Target […]

Eerily Familiar

Coins In The McArcade

This Ad Age piece on retail fusion is a quick look at where fast food environments are headed. McDonald’s franchisees John and Karen O’Keefe watched sales flatline for most of the year at their store in Chicago’s suburban Woodfield Mall while other restaurants in the fast-food chain’s system pulled in gains of 2% or better. […]

02138 > 90210

The New York Times looks at a magazine named after a prestigious area code, which is mildly interesting, I suppose. But what really jumps out at me is Harvard’s defensive stance against unsanctioned brand dilution. Harvard University spends somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million every year to protect its brand name — to keep other […]